Driven: The new 2022 Range Rover seeks to reclaim its luxury SUV status


How is the interior of the new Range Rover?

As you’d expect, the Range Rover’s front seats are roomy and offer plenty of adjustability, while the elevated seating position offers unobstructed views of the road ahead, a Range Rover hallmark. Heating, ventilation and a range of massage functions can also help soothe her behind on long journeys.

The experience for those in the rear is somewhat defined by the choice of wheelbase. Range Rover says rear legroom is improved over the old model for the standard-wheelbase model, but it’s still surprisingly cramped. The six-legged can sit in tandem, and those in the back can slide their feet under the seat in the front, but that’s not more than enough. The problem is particularly acute if you choose the executive seat option which introduces more opulent rear seats with added reclining functionality. The latter also steals space in the trunk.

The extra interior space of the long wheelbase version is better suited to a large luxury SUV. It also introduces the seven-seat option for the first time on a Range Rover. The third-row seats are roomy enough to accommodate adults provided second-row passengers are willing to sacrifice some legroom by sliding the back seat forward. Given that the long-wheelbase model with seven seats is only $6,000 more than the standard five-seater, it’s a highly desirable proposition assuming your garage can house a vehicle measuring 207 inches in length versus 199 inches for the standard Range Rover.

The rest of the interior really echoes the design of the exterior. In a world where some manufacturers seem intent on increasingly complex and extravagant design – stand up, BMW – the Range Rover is pleasantly reductive. It goes its own way with elegant upholstery and a careful choice of materials. You can still have a dead cow anywhere if you want, but Land Rover has also introduced new, more animal-friendly material choices. In our eyes, the overall effect is extremely attractive and should age well. It works well too, with a good driving position and well-marked controls. More importantly, it feels a cut above a Mercedes or BMW in both design and quality.

At a Land Rover-sponsored event, we also drove and rolled in the SV version, which will be available for the 2023 model year and includes two aircraft-style rear seats, a folding table and a fridge. It’s for those who prefer to be driven and it’s certainly opulent, as it should be with a price tag north of $200,000.


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