Epic Reduces Spider-Man Mythic From 80 Competitive Uses To 20


Epic Games has revealed a significant change to the Spider-Man Mythic item in Competitive Playlists.

Fortnite Competitive Scene Morale Is Low Lately. Alleged cheaters are rampant in tournaments, players dislike the Stinger SMG and some of the best competitors of all time, such as Rocco “Saf” Morales have left the game. Either way, there have been some outstanding tournaments and, despite the negative sentiment, the cream is still rising to the top.

Contrary to popular belief, Epic Games listens to community feedback. Today, the developers announced a major change to an item that the tournament scene has deemed problematic. Spider-Man Web Shooters Polarizers now have 20 uses instead of 80 in Competitive Playlists. This is undoubtedly a sign of improvement as players continue to adapt to the Chapter 3 Season 1 meta.

Spider-Man Mythic Change

The news arrived with the 19.10 patch, which added the new Pizza Party item to Fortnite. Epic used the minor update to reduce the Spider-Man Mythic gadget from 80 uses to 20 in Arena mode and tournaments.

While not the solution some players want, this change forces players to use the Web Shooter wisely while in their possession. Epic probably won’t remove the article because Spider-Man is the main force of attraction for the season. Even so, the adjustment shows that Epic is trying to meet competitive players halfway.

How will the change affect competitive gameplay?

The significant complaint behind the Web Shooter in competitions basically revolves around the breakdown in mobility. It favors those who prioritize one of the 32 Spider-Man Mythic spawn locations around the map. Anyone who fails to secure one must hope to find a launch pad, take out an opponent who has the mythical item, or spend their materials on an effective spin.

Epic’s reduction from 80 uses to 20 means players can choose to save their Web Shooter up to the fifth or sixth zone. Alternatively, they could carry two items in their inventory to give themselves 40 total uses. Fortnite competitive analyst and commentator – Reisshub – thinks it’s a good compromise. We will ultimately have to see how this change translates to tournaments to decide if it really makes a difference.

On that note, be sure to check out the various scrims available to watch on Twitch and the Duo Cash Cup Finals tomorrow to see if the meta improves. Those on casual playlists can still enjoy 80 uses on the Spider-Man Mythic item.

Featured Image: Epic Games


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