Essential kitchen gadgets for any new cook, updated for 2022


Every new cook should start with the basics and equipping your kitchen is the first step. We’ve rounded up our favorite tried-and-true kitchen items to get you started. You’ll be cooking in no time.

Misen chef's knife.

Chef’s knife, Misen


There are many options when it comes to chef’s knives, and the prices can be quite high. We recommend starting with something more affordable to start with, like this Misen knife, which is also excellent for chopping everything from chocolate to vegetables.

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Material's reBoard.

cutting board, reBoard


To keep your brand new chef’s knife from getting dull, you’ll want to invest in a great cutting board. We love this one because it’s BPA-free and made from scrap plastic and sugar cane.

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Lodge cast iron skillet.

Cast iron stove, Lodge


You have prepared your ingredients and seasoned your proteins, it is now time to cook. There really is no need to invest in fancy pans because a cast iron skillet can do it all. We love the 10.25-inch one from beloved American-made Lodge brand because it’s big enough to cook almost anything, yet small enough to store easily. Cast iron skillets work on any cooktop, including induction. And this price? You can’t beat it. (Pro tip: If you love vintage shopping, look for antique cast iron skillets from brands like Wagner and Griswold. You can clean and re-season them, then breathe new life into them.)

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Microplane zester.


The easiest dish for beginners is pasta, and it is best to add freshly grated parmesan cheese or a squeeze of lemon zest to it. A Microplane makes grating easier.

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Pyrex liquid measuring cup.

Two Cup Liquid Measuring Cup, Pyrex


No kitchen is complete without a copy of Irma S. Romabauer Joy of cooking—and the same goes for a Pyrex liquid measuring cup. Used for generations by millions of home cooks, this kitchen addition is an absolute must-have for mixing, measuring and pouring.

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Cuisinart food processor.

Four Cup Food Processor, Cuisinart


While we love Cuisinart’s 10-Cup Food Processor, the four-cup model is a great way to start on a budget. This bad boy will chop, mince and puree its way into your heart, and it’s especially good when you’re cooking for a crowd.

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Stainless steel mixing bowls.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, Amazon


A set of nesting mixing bowls is a great addition to your kitchen arsenal – and stainless steel is a superior material because it retains heat and cold well, won’t stick or give off a weird flavor in anything. that you cook. These bowls will help you mix flour, whip cream or separate your ingredients before adding them to your dish. We love them.

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Oxo pliers.

Silicone Coated Tweezers, Oxo


Keep your fingers safe from the hot pan with a good pair of tongs, which are great for flipping meat, coating spaghetti in sauce, and sautéing. This silicone-coated pair is heat tolerant and won’t scratch your non-stick pans.

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Oxo bench scraper.

Bench scraper, Oxo


Bench scrapers are loved by bakers around the world because they can divide and scoop your dough while leaving counters looking clean and nice. But the tool isn’t just for bakers: use it to scoop chopped vegetables into a bowl or pan or to easily clean up kitchen scraps. We love multitasking.

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Salt well.

Salt Shaker, Amazon


Is that a little extra? Maybe. But storing your salt in a salt shaker makes it easier to season your food. You can easily dip into your measuring spoon or grab a pinch with your fingers.

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