Fancy a pint? This $15 gadget turns cans into sippy cups with a twist.


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TL; DR: From June 26, the new Top 3.0 easy can opener project(opens in a new tab) is on sale for half price, so you can get it for $14.99 instead of $29.99.

If you fancy a freshly poured pint(opens in a new tab), a can of beer probably won’t be enough. You might not be able to get yourself a glass every time you want a frothy head on your beer, but you can turn a can into a mug with an exciting tool. The new Draft Top® 3.0: Easy Can Opener lets you safely cut the top off most 8-16 ounce aluminum cans, turning them into modified cups with no sharp edges. Usually, The New Draft Top® 3.0: Easy Can Opener is $29, but for a limited time, it’s only $14.99.

More … than 60% of beer in the United States is sold in cans. If you prefer a drink and you’re not in a bar, you’re usually out of luck. Whether you just prefer an open lid or want to add something fun to your drink, being able to remove the lid from a can is a game changer. The New Draft Top® uses four rotating blades to split and bend the top of a can as you turn it. All you’re left with is a smooth ring and a perfectly sliced ​​box top. All that remains is to put your feet up and enjoy.

This can opener doesn’t just mean it’s easier to drink your beer. Now you can take a can of tomato juice, open it up, and have a Bloody Mary without new dirty dishes or wasted plastic cups. If you like discovering the aromas of your drinks, you don’t have to have your nose pressed against a hole in a can. If you’re making a cocktail and using a canned soda, the open rim can allow you to pour smoothly, or at least get the last drop.

This latest model from The New Draft Top® introduced a pressure-regulating handle, built-in magnet, lanyard hole, and 50% stronger construction. If you’ve used one before, this latest model promises easier removal, and when you’re done, you can stick it to your fridge until next time.

Turn your canned beer into a pint with a twist. Normally priced at $29, The New Draft Top® 3.0: Easy Can Opener(opens in a new tab) is on sale for a limited time for just $14.99.

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