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Week 10 of the 2021 NFL season is on the books and all those players who started out hot for you made sure to break your heart. Didn’t you count the touchdown Tom? When he had no problem checking. Mike Williams? More like Yikes Williams! (I’m so sorry) Turns out guys who start out hot don’t stay that way. Except for Paul Rudd. So if your starters are running low on gas, there’s no better place to look than the waiver thread! If I don’t mention someone you think I should talk about, just know that there are plenty of reasons I overlooked them. Maybe they belong to most of the leagues. Maybe they’re so bad I don’t even consider them. Maybe it’s because your opinions are unreliable. After all, you are here. So let’s take a look at the best waiver thread players of week eleven for your championship run …

Week Eleven Wire Quarterbacks
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears (22% enrolled)

This is probably your last chance to catch a guy I’ve been drumming for all season as a player who will break out in the second half. In his last two games, Justin Fields has been a fantastic top-ten quarterback. Every fantasy football season there is a quarterback who erupts in the second half of the season and Fields has a lot of traits that you are looking for. Fields plays for a team that always plays from behind at halftime. Fields excels at getting rushing yards. Most importantly, he has all the tools of a guy who can be an elite player. This is probably your last chance to add fields before everyone understands what I’ve been saying for months.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers (15% enrolled)

If you don’t have the stones to catch Justin Fields, may I suggest old man Justin Fields aka Cam Newton. Granted, the only reason I’m bringing it up is I think it’s hilarious that some people are considering getting it back on the waiver thread. Yes, Cam had 2 touchdowns, but he also only had 22 yards. I don’t know about the last few years of football that would make you want to catch Cam Newton, but the best I can find is that he’s not Sam Darnold.

Week Eleven Wire Wire Running Backs
Rhamondre Stevenson, New England Patriots (31% registered)

Last week I mentioned that Brandon Bolden may be of value due to injury attrition from Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson. Unfortunately for Bolden, Stevenson played and he blew up. With 114 versatile yards and 2 touchdowns, Stevenson was one of the best full backs in Week 10. With New England playing Thursday night, there’s a chance Harris won’t play the Falcons. If Harris is inactive, Stevenson could be one of the best waiver thread deals of week eleven.

Boston Scott / Jordan Howard, Philadelphia Eagles (34% / 43% registered)

I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what to tell you about the Eagles backfield. Right now it’s a three-way timeshare with no one clearly ahead. Jordan Howard had 38% of team snaps, while Boston Scott and Kenneth Gainwell had 31% each. Boston Scott had 105 general yards, while Jordan Howard had 83 rushing yards. The only thing I’m sure is I don’t want Kenneth Gainwell.

D’Onta Foreman, Tennessee Titans (3% enrolled)

It’s another backfield that ended up being a mess. D’Onta Foreman totaled 78 yards in Week 10, but he still found himself in a three-way division for snaps. Foreman had 35% of the team against 33% for Adrian Peterson. Even Jeremy McNichols saw 27% of the team’s snaps, even though he only got 7 hits. The problem with burning a waiver on Foreman is that we don’t really know who the favorite will be in Tennessee.

Week Eleven Waiver Wire Wide Receiver
Rashod Bateman, Baltimore Ravens (42% registered)

One of the few bright spots for the Ravens on Thursday night was Rashod Bateman. Bateman had 6 catches for 80 yards. Bateman saw 55% of the team’s snaps on the wide receiver, compared to 32% for Sammy Watkins. Bateman also looked a lot better than Watkins. The only concern with Bateman is the opportunity. He is clearly the third receiving option behind Mark Andrews and Marquise Brown. The Ravens are a top team and as talented as Rashod Bateman is, the opportunities for long-term success might not be there.

Marcus Johnson, Tennessee Titans (1% enrolled)

Marcus Johnson is a very interesting lottery choice for the waiver thread. In Week 10, Johnson had 5 catches for 100 yards and 1 touchdown. Johnson led the team in targets and saw 63% of the team’s shots on the wide receiver, making him option number two clear. With Julio Jones and Derrick Henry in Injured Reserve, Johnson could be an interesting aviator for the wide receiver of football’s most prominent team.

Jamal Agnew, Jacksonville Jaguars (9% enrolled)

Jamal Agnew had 0 goals for 0 receptions and 0 yards, but somehow managed to end the week as a number eleven wide receiver in week ten. His 3 carries for 79 yards and 1 touchdown last week make him an intriguing aviator. For one thing, Jamal Agnew has seen his role with the Jaguars increase steadily throughout the season. In contrast, its increased role is still on the Jaguars. Agnew is the third receiver and essentially a gadget player on a mediocre team. I find it hard to imagine Agnew’s role expanding to a point where I feel comfortable trusting him enough to start it.

Elijah Moore, New York Jets (45% enrolled)

After saying why I don’t trust Jamal Agnew, now I’m going to tell you why these rules don’t apply to Elijah Moore. In Week 10, Moore had 3 catches for 44 yards and 1 touchdown. In his last three games, Moore has finished in the top 24 wide receivers in the three weeks. Moore has double-digit points in all of those games, including a number one. The big difference between Agnew and Moore for me is that Moore has the best draft pedigree and a much more flexible schedule the rest of the season. In his last eight games, Elijah Moore will have four top-ten clashes. Perhaps most important of all, I predicted he would be an escape rookie and I couldn’t go wrong. So get Elijah Moore back. It’s scientific.

Week Eleven Waiver Wire Tight Ends
Dan Arnold, Jacksonville Jaguars (27% enrolled)

In Week 10 Dan Arnold had 5 catches for 67 yards and finished it off with a 2 point conversion! Dan Arnold is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in fantasy football. (Unless you’re paying attention to Football Absurdity’s DFS For Cheapskates Twitch stream, you know all about him.) Over the past four weeks, Dan Arnold’s averages have placed him sixth for targets, sixth for yards. and seventh for receptions. Unfortunately, he’s playing for the Jaguars, so there’s no touchdown in that streak. However, custom indicates that he owes one soon if Jacksonville ever ends up in the red zone. A tight end that can display low-end TE1 numbers without depending on touchdown can be a great asset as it gives you solid ground. I still wouldn’t want to burn a waiver on him. I mean, he’s a tight end, and therefore worthless. But once he’s cleared, go for it!


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