Festive season woes: Online shopping hurts businesses of local traders in Prayagraj


The online market poses a daunting challenge for traders who want to earn profits and make dynamic sales during Diwali.

Virtually all businesses, whether selling electronics, toys, dried fruit, decorative items or otherwise, have increased their stocks in anticipation of the big sales expected during Diwali, but at the Except for confectioners and a few other store owners, most are struggling to sell their products despite attractive discounts.

“As soon as we quote a price for a product, the first thing every buyer does is check the price on a website and then start trading,” said Manish Singh, store owner at Civil Lines.

Ajay Malhotra, owner of a major mobile phone and gadget store in Indira Bhawan, said: “The online market has ruined the festival for us. First it was the pandemic of the last two years and now it’s a sale on different online sites because of which the sale has dropped to around 50%”.

Sushil Kharbanda, President of Civil Lines Vyapar Mandal, said: “After two years of the pandemic, businessmen in the city had increased their stocks in the hope of a good sale during the festive season, but the offers being provided online, both during Dussehra and Diwali, has been a spoilsport.

From the swanky Civil Lines Market to the bustling Katra and Chowk Markets, traders seem to agree that e-commerce has had a big impact on them this festive season. “Whether it’s furniture, clothing, decorative items or electronic gadgets, the mega online shopping sites offer offers and prices that we have a hard time matching. Despite the discounts we offer, footfall has been sparse and those who come directly tell us how a certain website offers the same product at a much lower rate and also offers free shipping,” said Sanjay Malaviya, a trader in Chowk. .


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