Fictitious reviews are everywhere. This app helps you spot counterfeits


HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Amazon is trying to spot and remove fake reviews.

But sometimes products get launched, reviewed by fake accounts so quickly that Amazon can’t keep up. A survey earlier this year found that sellers and buyers were trading 5-star reviews for products.

And even savvy buyers can fall for scams, shams and hoaxes. The Fakespot app aims to help.

Install the Fakespot app on a smartphone and when you buy a product online just tap the share button to open the link in the Fakespot app. If it opens, you’ll see Fakespot’s rating, from A to F in check, legitimate reviews.

I searched Amazon for a portable projector and found one of its recommendations. Rating 5 stars on Amazon, but gets an F from Fakespot for having insufficient reliable reviews, only 28% of Amazon reviews are rated reliable.

The problem I have with the Fakespot app is that it doesn’t work with most of the shopping apps we use. Amazon has asked Apple to prevent Fakespot from quickly checking reviews in the Amazon app.

So now you need to copy the product url from the Amazon desktop site and paste it into the Fakespot app. Heavy. The Fakespot app works much better on Android devices by pressing the share button. The Fakespot website is much easier to use on a computer.

There are also browser extensions that add Fakespot analysis every time you look at a product on Amazon or other shopping sites.

Fakespot is free for iPhones, Android devices, and the web. If you’re shopping online hoping to save big bucks on some off-brand tech gadgets, I wouldn’t buy with it.

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