Four scams to watch out for when visiting Lagos IT Village


Do you know the unpopular saying “Lagos is not for the weak”? To survive in Lagos, you have to be bold, ambitious and, above all, street smart. Only when you have these traits can you survive in a town where random strangers yell at you for no reason, and everyone walks around looking like they’re being chased.

While being street smart can be applicable in all parts of the world, putting it to good use in Lagos would save you from shedding tears, especially when you go to a famous market called Computer Village.

Computer Village is a market located in Ikeja where people buy and sell various phones, laptops, computers and accessories. Many people also visit the market, including those who live outside Lagos, to repair gadgets and household appliances.

The Computer Village has a solution for every individual’s technology needs.

However, in addition to being the go-to place for gadgets, Computer Village is widely known as the headquarters of crooks, eagerly looking for their next prey.

Over the years we have seen and heard stories of people who have come to market with high hopes of getting a product, only to be ripped off.

No one, especially you, deserves to be caught off guard. In this article, we list five patterns to be aware of when visiting the IT village.

switch and bait

It is an old technique. The scammer gives a phone to a potential customer to verify. If the customer likes it, he pays for the product. Then the seller asks them to return the phone for “proper packaging”. The seller then exchanges the phone for a fake.

Counterfeit Naira Notes

Never buy a gadget from someone who doesn’t own a store. Many of those who offer to sell you a gadget at a ridiculous price do not have good intentions.

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Telling his story, a social media user recalled how a man in the IT village sold him an iPhone for a very low amount. Then the man changed his mind and asked for the phone, offering to refund his money. The guy picked it up, and it wasn’t until he decided to count it that he realized that instead of wads of cash, he had been given papers wrapped around a bill one thousand naira.

Stolen phones

With the rate at which phones are stolen, always ask for a receipt when purchasing a phone.

Lately, we’ve seen people get arrested for possessing stolen phones. When questioned, they claim that they did not steal it but bought it from a store in Computer Village.

No matter how fancy or cheap a phone is, if it doesn’t have a receipt, don’t buy it, especially if it’s a used phone.


The Computer Village is a lively place, with different people. So when navigating crowds, keep a close eye on your valuables. And if you stop at a store to ask for a product, don’t get too distracted.

The trick is that once they notice you’re distracted, your purse or wallet is ripped off.

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