Gadget brands offer pre-holiday shopping deals and service

Image by Joshua Woroniecki via Unsplash

The hunt for the perfect gift begins almost a month before Christmas.

With this in mind, two major electronics brands have come up with offers and a new shopping service for a better shopping experience for their customers this holiday season.

Power Mac Center, Apple’s first partner rolled out an upgrade to its online store called the “Improved contactless shopping” Where “EC purchases” November 12.

Lenovo, on the other hand, offered a two-month holiday shopping spree where customers can get vouchers for its high-end items until Dec. 31.

EC Shopping from Power Mac Center allows its customers to enjoy the Apple products of their dreams through various options.

Some of them are:

  1. Call to order – customers can call their favorite store first, then pay for in-store or online purchases
  2. Call-to-deliver – customers can call first, then have their purchases delivered directly
  3. Curbside pickup – customers can receive their purchases in a designated area at participating malls
Photo of the Power Mac Center EC purchase option

The Power Mac Center online stores and the official Viber store are also accessible for repair services, branch location and other needs.

Joey Alvarez, its director of marketing, product management and space planning, said shopping options are available on their online store throughout the year, not just for vacations.

He also stressed the importance of customer service for their brand.

“Customer service has been at the heart of what we do at the Power Mac Center, and it’s important to us to give our customers the safest and most convenient way to access Apple devices and repairs, especially now. that most of us rely on our gadgets for our daily productivity and creativity, ”said Alvarez.

Meanwhile, Lenovo’s new offering called “Lenovo Presents: A Holiday Shopping Spree” presented a staggering value of over P11,000 in online shopping vouchers from over 40 premium brands.

These brands include Tumi, Moleskin, The North Face, Birkenstock and Herschel.

These coupons can be used after customers purchase an eligible product.

Lenovo Shopping Spree Campaign Banner

The gifts and the list of participating products are available on this connect.

In a statement, it was clarified that the sale covers various Lenovo products

“The sale will cover a variety of Lenovo products, from the Legion line for gamers, Yoga for your work-at-home setup, to IdeaPad for distance learning. Each pack contains premium Lenovo items such as the Legion H200 gaming headset and the Legion M300 mouse, as well as vouchers for partner brands worth up to Php 5,000 ”, said the Mark.


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