Garmin Venu Sq 2 smartwatch review: the new smart place


I’d be understating things if I said there’s a fair amount of choice when it comes to smartwatches these days. Indeed, at last pretend count, between myriad different manufacturers and their many designs, I got up to about eleven hundred before I got dizzy and had to stop to breathe in a paper bag.

But out of all the countless smartwatch makers, there’s one name that was at the forefront of wrist-based digital GPS fitness tracking long ago, when this technology was the sole domain of the too enthusiastic exercise addict. That name is, of course, Garmin, itself a portmanteau of Gary Burrell and Min Kao, the company’s founders.

Since they first launched the first examples of civilian GPS tracking technology in the late 1980s and early 1990s, their wrist-worn marvels have seen incredible technological evolution, building on that of the smartphone. , culminating today in a wide range of Garmin clothing suitable for all walks and, in fact, all our races of life.

With prices ranging from £70 to £1400, today’s impressive range of Garmins recently got an updated addition in the sleek form of the new Place Ven 2an extremely stylish looking smart sports watch that offers an impressive array of features for a penny under £230.

So in these tough financial times, how does spending like this make your life better? I pulled my non-casual sportswear out of storage and set out to pound the pavements along the wicked streets of Colchester in a sweaty attempt to find out.


The superficial stuff

Yes, yes, yes, I’m well aware that fitness tracking and effortless communication technology is what ultimately matters here, however, it’s 2022 and there’s also a little thing called ” mode” (you might want to search for it). Equally important is eye-pleasing aesthetics. Which is lucky, because the Venu Sq 2 is undoubtedly a beautiful piece of kit, thanks to a square, minimalist design, fiber-reinforced polymer and anodized aluminum construction.

It is available in Slate Aluminum and Black, Cream Gold and White, Metallic Mint and Cool Mint, Slate Aluminum and Shadow Gray, Peach Gold and Ivory, or Cream Gold and French Gray Bevel and Combination finishes.

Paired with bezel-matching silicone straps, the Venu Sq 2 will be equally at home adorning your arm, whether you’re knee-deep in the wilderness on a wild cross-country gallop, or do the downward-facing dog at a fancy health club, or just hang out at an independent cafe trying to look cool; so a real master key.

Then there’s the face, a 1.41-inch AMOLED display (Corning Gorilla Glass 3) with a resolution of 320 x 360 pixels to ensure all icons and text appear crisp and colorful enough to read through tears. of pain on the trail or peeked. with awe through the yoganasium, or whatever you call it.

This all wraps up the Venu Sq 2eye-allure part of this review, so if you want to grab your reusable stainless steel water bottles and follow me that way, let’s get to the strength of the company…


Location: Veni, Vidi, Vici

As I said earlier, Garmin started out of an obsession with GPS fitness tracking, so as you’d imagine the new Venu is jam-packed with fitness-gathering features. coolest and most advanced physical condition.

It also has super-sensitive sensors to make sure you don’t overdo it and crash to the curb, and an absolute embarrassment of preloaded exercises and workout routines, including all sorts of apps spanning the spectrum. sports to keep you motivated, moving and at the peak of personal health. These cover activities and their relevant metrics relating to the gym, running, cycling, swimming, golf and more generic ‘outdoor recreation’, so something for everyone.

To help with all of this, there’s constant measurement and recording of your heart rate (at rest and during exercise), respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and hydration level, as well as a body battery energy monitor to tell you when to take a break, stress trackers, relaxation reminders, sleep monitoring to make sure you’re making the most of your unconscious hours and, for women, recording information about the menstrual cycle and/or pregnancy.

Plus, of course, in addition to the availability of all the built-in sports and workout apps, the Garmin Venu Sq 2 also lets you create your own workouts, using the Garmin Coach to gently encourage your workout, helping you achieve your goals and pass milestones without all the motivational talk you might expect from a human trainer.

Naturally, all this varied information is instantly and automatically transferred via Bluetooth to the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone (Apple and Android compatible), allowing you to review it all later on a soy latte and set new challenges to complete. next time. Also, if you’re so inclined, you can share the details of – what I’m sure is called – your personal fitness journey with friends and, again, if you need such exercise incentive, collect virtual badges to beat your old best.


The other clever part

So it’s your health and fitness metrics and all kinds of workouts held in great electronic hands, but what about when you’re on the go in the less taxing ordinary world but maybe everything so demanding on a daily basis? So what does the Venu Sq 2 give you, beyond the restrictions of the average analog tick?

Well, for starters, you can receive emails, texts and alerts right on your wrist, and even respond using an Android phone, you can also pay wirelessly with Garmin Pay, eliminating the need to carry cards or cash. Finally, covering personal safety, you can quickly share a message containing your live location with pre-selected contacts (with watch and compatible smartphone paired) in case of trouble, keeping your back covered at all times.

A mighty new whippersapper on the wrist too, thanks to a massive 190mAh battery, smartwatch mode will give you around 11 days of gaming life, while switching to GPS mode brings it down to 26 hours, which is still quite heavy. Plus, normally ready to go after a quick 1.5 hour charge, the Venu Sq 2 will always be within easy reach.


Garmin makes exceptional smartwatches, with fitness always at the forefront of every model’s mind. The Venu Sq 2 is no different – a worthy replacement for the hugely popular Venu Sq, this update builds on the strengths of the original and brings even more muscle to your quest for physical perfection.

Okay, at £300 the Venu Sq 2 is still considered to be well into the ‘entry level’ camp, but for those looking for a sleek, feature-rich smartwatch to add interest to the exercise and, in fact, even the drudgery of everyday life, Garmin has found nothing less than gold on the wrist.

Or buy

Technical specification


  • 4 GB of memory
  • Proprietary operating system
  • NFC
  • USB 3.1
  • Wireless


  • 35.8mm AMOLED touchscreen
  • 320×360 resolution


  • Capacity 190mAh
  • Typical usage time up to 11 days
  • 1h30 charge


  • Cut: H37 x W40.6 x D11.1 mm
  • lester: 38g


  • Dust and water resistant therefore waterproof
  • Compatible with Garmin connect apps
  • Read text messages, emails and social media notifications
  • Show calendar
  • Shows the weather
  • heart rate monitor
  • Pedometer
  • Distance
  • Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • calories

£230 | Garmin


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