Get nearly half off this wireless AirPods charger


Get this stylish Airpods Wireless Charger on sale at 46% off.

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There’s no better way to rid your desk of clutter than by switching to sleek wireless chargers. One of the best examples is this white Wireless charging station for AirPodswhich is on sale today at 46% off for just $15.99 (usually $29).

A charger for AirPods

Not only does this great AirPods accessory look stylish on your desk or nightstand, but it also enhances the space around it. We’re talking no more tangled wires, no more fumbling around for a cable, and no more messy, cluttered spaces. Appearance is just one reason to go wireless. According to to research According to neuroscientists at Princeton, a cluttered desk saps your focus and reduces your productivity, and can even make us more stressed and anxious.

This amazing wireless charger comes with a useful non-slip rubber base, so you can basically turn any surface into a stable space to charge your AirPods. It’s also safe inside, thanks to the charger’s built-in overvoltage and undervoltage protection. Simply place your pods on the pad and you’re ready to go.

This quick placement for instant wireless charging also means keeping your AirPods fully charged is easier than ever (and you’ll always know where they are). When you always have headphones ready to go, you can free up your attention for others Accessories for Apple devices.

Light, thin and portable enough to carry on the go, this particular charger is suitable for a wide range of AirPods, being compatible with AirPods 3, AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. Plus, it’s from the gadget accessory pros at Tech Zebra, who have earned hundreds of 4+ star user reviews on Amazon, so you can be sure this charger is built to last.

Save on Wireless Charging Dock for AirPods

Get this stylish Wireless charging station for AirPods on sale for $15.99 (usually $29).

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