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Technology being the conduit for how our world comes and goesyou don’t have to leave your skills on the web rust. If you’re behind on gadget smarts, might as well call yourself a boomer and start blaming others for their problems and yelling at waiters (don’t do that, especially you real baby boomers). Toolify Handy Webtools ensures you have everything at your fingertips to turn a silly idea into a serious reality, and it’s on sale now for $29.99 ($714 reg.)

Toolify is what cutting-edge organization precipice looks like. With access to more than 120 tools in a large space, there is no need to search for the program you need while silently pleading for digital help. The system is designed to be divided into a few different categories. For example, in text content tools, you have a ton of different ways to turn the world into words. Various programs at your disposal include text to slug, Lorem Ipsum generator, case converter, word counter, random word generator, and other tools to boost your lingo.

In the area of ​​image editing, you’ll have full access to the mess with format conversion, editing, resizing, and just about anything else you think a world-class photo uses. Sure, there’s the basics, including resizing, enlarging, cropping, flipping and rotating the image, but the real bread and butter comes in the number of ways you can convert your photos, including included in PNG, JPG, WebP, ICO, Base64, and even a custom link.

When you’re ready to share what you’ve been working onwebsite management tools make it easy to decode, encode, minify, and beautify in CSS, HTML, URL, and other web formats.

Other subsections of the barrage of tools include calculators, unit converters and Ubinary, and other instruments that can be useful for business owners, entrepreneurs, or people who just like to tinker behind the keys.

From now on you can subscribe to Toolify Handy Web Tools for $29.99 (reg. $719).

Prices subject to change.


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