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Budget kitchenware is great and all (especially if you’re someone who appreciates a bargain), but what if there was a gadget that worked like eight kitchen utensils in one and could all replace them? With the Always Pan, this is what you need: This cast aluminum non-stick skillet is stylish and eye-catching, but it also does a lot of work in the cooking department. And for a limited time, you can even get it on sale.

From now until Sunday, May 8, you can save 20 percent on everything at Our Place during the brand’s annual spring sale. This includes the best-selling Always Pan, which is currently priced at $115, so you’ll save $30. Plus, you can pick up the latest offering from the company’s lineup, the Perfect jarfor $40 off, or get them as part of a bundle for $225, which is $15 less than it would cost to get them separately.

Pot parfait green from home on a table with chicken in it.

You can also get the brand new Perfect Pot on sale now. / Our place

Even though the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot are still pricey, they’re both great value for money when you consider everything you get in return. The Always Pan is a workhorse in the kitchen and you can use it to fry, braise, boil, sear, sauté, steam and even strain the contents of your next dish. Plus, it looks really cute and offers a built-in spoon. Rest. It’s compatible with most stovetops (even induction cooktops) and features a durable ceramic coating, which is free of potentially harmful materials like lead, toxic metals, etc.

The Perfect Pot is no slouch either. Identical to the Always casserole, it is nonstick, has a ceramic coating and can replace up to eight cookware, including your classic Dutch oven, stock pot and roasting rack. If you’re looking to roast, bake, or crisp food, this is a must-have.

Both gadgets are highly rated and recommended. The Always Pan has a rating of around 4.5 stars, while the Perfect Pot has a rating of five stars. Specifically, over 26,000 buyers have tried the Always Pan, with many praising its lightweight feel (it weighs just 3 pounds) and versatility. “[It’s] perfect for searing, sautéing, boiling and everything else we’ve used it for. And it cleans like a dream,” wrote one user. Another said: “This is the best casserole ever! It totally lives up to the hype. I love it so much I bought one for my son and just ordered another for my motorhome.”

The last time there was such a big discount on the Always Pan was during Black Friday. While this deal isn’t as good as last November’s, it’s still worth taking advantage of, especially if you’re looking for great Mother’s Day gifts. Get the Always Pan, Perfect Pot and more at Our Place during this annual spring sale before it ends on Sunday, May 8.


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