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Pet parents are a special breed. From buying gourmet pet food to making sure their four-legged friends have the latest high-tech appliances, there’s not much they won’t do. to pamper their puppy or their pretty kitten. But there’s one thing every dog ​​or cat parent needs to protect against one of the most annoying parts of owning a pet (hair and fur…everywhere) and that’s the epilator. two-speed pet. This little gadget helps rid your apartment, car, or house of unwanted hair loss and can even remove loose hair right from your pet! And right now it’s on sale for just $19.99, 20% off regular price and the best price you’ll find online, for a limited time.

Let’s face it. It’s unrealistic to run to the vacuum every time Fido or your favorite feline shakes the hair off a carpet. And sometimes they do it in their favorite spot, like the couch or on a blanket, a place that’s not really easy to vacuum. That’s where the two-speed pet hair remover comes in to save the day.

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The pet hair remover makes sure your space is free of lint and loose hair, picking up all those pesky little things. With a small tooth shape, no hair is left in corners or other hard to reach places, and it’s the perfect choice for removing hair from furniture, upholstery, blankets or other items Of house. Tired of washing your pet’s bed? It’s heaven sent for easy cleaning. Want to stop shedding before it happens? Use it directly on your pet to be proactive!

This sleek little white device is easy to take anywhere, and even easier to store when you’re done. It comes in its own container which is ready to keep it safe until your next needed cleaning session.

Get the two-speed pet hair remover and say goodbye to annoying pet hair everywhere. It’s on sale now for just $19.99.

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