Get this elevator can opener, on sale now for Black Friday


To be a true host with the maximum, you need to make sure that the beer is flowing like a stream at all times. And if you want to make sure that nobody complains about being thirsty at your holiday party, you can make opening drinks not only easy, but fun with The New Draft Top 3.0: Easy Can Opener.

Not only does this patented bar tool remove and smooth the tops of almost any cans for super easy drinking, it also eliminates the need for those pesky solo mugs. Right now, during the last hours of our Black Friday sale, you can enjoy an extra 20% off this party staple with a promo code BFSAVE20, which makes it only $ 15.99 for a limited time.

The all-new Draft Top 3.0 has improved over previous models, making it 50% stronger and adding a pressure regulated grip. This Kickstarter-funded gadget has four rotating blades that split and fold the lid as it spins, resulting in a topless box that can be used as its own mug – without any sharp edges!

You can use the Draft Top 3.0 with most 8-16oz aluminum beverage cans and even some 19oz cans with standard lids. It lets you say goodbye to a wasted drink, while still allowing you to savor the true aroma of your drink. There’s also a fully integrated magnet so you can easily place it on your fridge (or beer fridge, we’re not judging!). And it includes a lanyard to make consumption on the go easier than ever. Tailgate, anyone?

Chives called this a “nifty decapitator to safely remove the cap from any beer can, “and CNET calls it a”open box that not only drinks like a tall glass but begs to add mixers and toppings. “

Become the life of the party with the help of The New Draft Top 3.0: Easy Can Opener. Hurry up and save big during the last hours of this Black Friday sale with the promo code BFSAVE20 and hang it up for just $ 15.99 today.


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