Get This Top Rated Automatic Pet Feeder For Sale On Amazon

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The sad reality of returning to the office or going on vacation is that we usually have to leave our pets at home. Instead of having a sitter come and feed your animals while you’re away, an automatic feeder can do it for you on a set schedule without any hassle. And you’re in luck, because now one of Amazon’s best-selling vending machines is on sale.

the Petlibro automatic feeder is available in two sizes and color combinations, some of which can be obtained at a discount. Originally $80, the 4-litre option is currently branded black, so it’ll cost $59, saving you 26% (you can get it in white for $70). The 6-liter version, also originally priced at $80, goes on sale for $76 in white, saving you $4.

Cat sitting next to a Petlibro automatic feeder

Automatic feeder Petlibro / Petlibro/Amazon

Although the Amazon page lists the Petlibro device as a “cat feeder”, you can easily use it for dogs as well. The brand says the 4 liter food container can store up to 10 days of food for a 22 pound dog and up to 25 days of food for a 12 pound cat. If you opt for the larger 6 liter container, the amount of food increases (up to 20 days for dog kibble and 35 days for cat kibble for animals of comparable size). There’s also a desiccant bag included to keep food fresh inside the reservoir, but you’ll need to change it every two weeks.

One of the best features of the gadget is that it lets you schedule your pet’s meals via a light-emitting diode (LED) display. You can program up to four meals a day and choose from nine portion control settings via this screen. Plus, you can record 10-second voice prompts via the front panel for your furry friend to hear when it’s time to eat. Besides the food reservoir, the unit has a 2 inch deep stainless steel food tray for your furry friend to eat. You set up the machine by plugging it into a wall outlet, but you can also add batteries to it, which will ensure that your pet won’t go hungry in the event of a sudden power outage.

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