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Navigation is more fun when you’re not surrounded by cookie crumbs. (Photo: Amazon)

Here are some things that are probably in your car right now, but shouldn’t be: Dorito dust, chewing gum wrappers, dog hair, tiny pieces of paper, scraps of pretzel, a wandering fry from your last pit stop. But rest assured: thanks to a generous coupon on the page, Amazon’s #1 bestseller ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner is now only $22 (was $38!). So you can suck it all up and end up with a nice, clean interior. Your car will be as fresh as when you first got it!

Now, the next time there’s a Cheetos spill, don’t smash all that orange dust on the carpet. Just enter the handy vacuum cleaner trunk, plug it into your car’s 12V socket and clean like a pro. Using a HEPA filter, the gadget also removes allergens to keep your car healthy and safe. Think of all the money you’ll save by not having to go to the car wash as often!

Cordless vacuums can be convenient, but they don’t always have the power to get the job done. This thing has a 110 watt motor and a 16 foot cord to run between the seat cushions and that no man’s land on the sides. And a stiff brush lets you go crazy over stubborn messes.

And if you have Amazon Prime, you will of course benefit from free delivery. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your 30 day free trial here. (And even those without First get free shipping on orders of $25 or more).

$22 $38 at Amazon

Thisworx car vacuum cleaner (Picture: Amazon)

A one-day sale over 40% off a killer car vacuum? Thisrox!. (Photo: Amazon)

The handheld vacuum cleaner includes three different attachments, including a brush attachment for pet hair. And it’s so satisfying: because the bin is transparent, you can see all that debris going into the machine. Ahhh. Our favorite perk, though? It features an LED light that ensures you don’t miss anything stuck even in the darkest nooks and crannies. Above you are looking at the black model; it’s also available in white for the same low retail price.

“I have a new car and I have sworn to keep it clean” said one of more than 12,000 five-star reviewers.. “It already works thanks to this car vacuum: I don’t have to get out my big shop vacuum to clean up a few small messes or whatever.” They continued, “Recently I went through the car wash. When I was done I saw people vacuuming who had to put in 6 quarters and working like crazy to vacuum because that these machines worked with a time limit, instead I stopped, plugged in my little gadget and in about 4 minutes I was done!

“I’ve purchased other car vacuums before,” linked another five star fan“but they were all pretty much a disappointment. After reading the reviews I have to admit I was skeptical. This car vacuum cleaner is AMAZING, it’s the best so far. If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner, GET THIS, you won’t regret it.Another bonus: it comes with several accessories and a bag.

$22 $38 at Amazon

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