Give your gadgets a personal touch with these stickers, see the top picks


Working on gadgets consumes a large part of our day. Therefore, it is a good idea to improve the appearance of your laptops, smartphones and tablets, etc. Are you wondering how you can do this? Well, the answer is with the help of original stickers, which include slogans, designs, feel-good things, among other summaries. Amazon offers a range of such stickers on its platform. To make the selection easier for you, we’ve curated a list of stickers below. They are easy to apply and are self-adhesive. Moreover, these decals are available in premium finishes and are unique. They come both in a single unit and in packs.

Prices for gadget stickers at a glance:

Product Prices in India
KBS Cell Phone Skin Stickers 35.00
Clickedin 3D Design Premium Vinyl Neon Stickers 196.00
junkyard Vinyl Quotes Stickers 299.00
The mono mart Girls Power time to Travel and Adventure Stickers 249.00
MCSID RAZZ – Friends TV Series Vinyl Stickers 199.00

In our list you will find some nice options and most of them are available in packs of 50 and 40. So what are you waiting for? Try these stickers to enhance the look of your gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets and give them a personal touch. Good shopping.


This Lord Ganesha sticker can be applied seamlessly to the back of your cellphone or laptop. It has a metallic gold color and is of beautiful quality and finish. It is super easy to apply and is self-adhesive.


This pack of 50 stickers can be applied to the back of your cell phone, laptop and other accessories. All neon stickers are premium vinyl and are also waterproof. They are all unique and trendy.


This pack of 50 self-adhesive stickers can be used on the back of your gadgets such as mobile phone and laptop. They are waterproof, tear-proof, scratch-resistant and fade-resistant. Stickers include slogans, designs and other abstract elements.


This pack containing 40 stickers can help give a refreshing look to your laptop, tablet and smartphone. The decals have a premium finish and are easy to apply. The size of each sticker varies from 1 to 8 cm.


If you loved the FRIENDS sitcom, then this vinyl sticker pack might be for you. All the stickers are always likely to remind you of many anecdotes from the popular television series. All decals come with a premium gloss finish and are also water resistant. These are self-adhesive and easy to apply. Plus, they leave no sticky residue behind.

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