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A gadget store owner in Gombak helps a desperate father by allowing him to pay installments for a new phone based on its affordability. – Photo courtesy of Facebook / Mohd Fadli Salleh

KUALA LUMPUR, May 21 – A desperate man shed tears of joy after a gadget store owner in Gombak agreed to help him with his current predicament.

The heartfelt story was shared on Facebook by user Mohd Fadli Salleh, who is also the owner of the gadget store.

The story began when a member of Fadli’s staff called him after a desperate man came to their store begging to pay for a new phone in installments as he only had RM24 with him at the time- the.

Unfortunately, Fadli’s store does not take installments.

Fadli then met the man and asked him about his situation.

The man told him he worked as a Grab car driver and is currently caring for his four-year-old child and 72-year-old mother.

“He told me that he was divorced and that every day he sent and picked up his child from the nursery.

“He also claimed that they had a strong bond and it was clear that he really loved his child by the way he spoke,” Fadli wrote in his post.

The father added that he could not work because his phone was broken and pleaded with Fadli for the monthly payments, otherwise he would have to borrow money from a loan shark to buy a new phone.

Fadli, who is also a teacher at a primary school in Gombak, initially refused the man’s call, but then changed his mind and asked him to choose the phone he wanted.

“I smiled and told her our store is not taking installments. We will go bankrupt if we allow everyone to go into debt with us.

“But I am a human, you are a human and you clearly need help and as long as I can help, I will surely help.

“You just gotta promise not to just lie to me.” Pay me back little by little if you have additional income, ”said Fadli.

The man was happy and couldn’t hold back tears when Fadli also gave him a box of essentials.

“I also run an NGO to help the needy. There is a packet of rice, cooking oil, sardines, sugar, milk and more inside this box.

“Take it home so you can cook it with your mother,” Fadli told the man.

As it turned out, Fadli is a member of a local non-profit organization called Dana Kita which funnels surplus funds from Islamic institutions to the needy.

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In his post, Fadli also said he had prepared a few boxes of essentials in his gadget store to give to the needy.

Fadli’s post has garnered over 45,000 likes and has been shared over 2,000 times on Facebook.

In the comments section, Fadli can also be seen updating that a generous person has paid for the man’s phone and no longer has to pay for the installments.

This is not the first time that Fadli has helped the needy because in January of last year, he and his team of Dana Kita volunteers spent two weeks cleaning a poor family’s house for the Chinese New Year.


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