Good place to hodl your funds.


Happy Thursday, V Team! On today’s episode of George Talks Tech, George Koroneos hosts producer and crypto enthusiast Michael Herbert to discuss two new cryptocurrency gadgets.

Before diving into the new gadgets, Michael offered a quick introduction to cryptocurrency: “Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can also be referred to as digital currency, digital tokens, or coins.”

We also introduced our new iCoin wallet, a digital device that serves as the perfect place to “house” your funds. And, no, that’s not a typo: “Hodl” is a popular cryptocurrency term meaning “to hold on for life.”

One of the values ​​of the iCoin wallet is that it serves as “cold storage” for your cryptocurrency. Because cryptocurrency is not managed by a central monetary authority, there is often no recourse for owners who are victims of fraud or theft. By using cold storage, cryptocurrency owners take an extra step to prevent hackers from accessing their holdings – the same way an air gap computer works.

Verizon offers two iCoin wallet options: a standalone iCoin wallet or a set with a standalone thermal printer. The printer provides a convenient way to print and securely store a 24-word backup seed phrase, as well as other important information, including account addresses and transaction receipts.

The iCoin wallet supports Bitcoin, as well as Etherium and ERC tokens.

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