Google appeals €2.4 billion fine to EU’s highest court


Google on Thursday appealed an EU court ruling upholding the bloc’s 2.4 billion euro (about Rs 20,255 crore) fine for abusing its search engine dominance.

The tech giant said it would go to the European Court of Justice, the EU’s highest court, after the court in November upheld a decision by the European Commission in 2017.

At the time, the fine was the largest ever imposed on the European Union. But it was then overtaken by a €4.3 billion (about Rs 36,290 crore) fine against Google over its Android smartphone operating system.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to appeal the Tribunal’s decision as we believe there are areas which require legal clarification from the European Court of Justice,” a brief statement from the company reads.

The case centers on Google’s shopping service and is one of three against the search engine giant currently going through the EU’s endless appeal system.

The new appeal could take up to two years to complete, stretching the case to well over a decade after the commission launched its inquiry in 2010.

The judicial confirmation on Google Shopping was a victory for EU anti-trust supremo Margrethe Vestager, who burst onto the scene in Brussels by abandoning her predecessor’s more conciliatory approach to the American giant. Internet.

Vestager had lost in the same court in another major case, Apple and Ireland, in which his teams ordered the iPhone maker to repay 13 billion euros (about Rs. 1,09,710 crore) plus interest to the Irish taxpayer. The EU appealed this decision.

The fine for Google came after a seven-year investigation launched by complaints from other comparison shopping services that saw traffic plummet against Google Shopping.


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