Google could test a new logo for the Play Store

Google recently removed the “Movies and TV” tab and is also expected to end the “Play Book” service eventually to make the play store “fully focused” on android apps. According to a report by 9to5Google, the future of the “Play” section of the To play The store looks brighter as Android games on Windows got a “big push” last year. However, the report mentions that the fate of the dedicated Android app does not seem so firm. The report also states that the last time the tech giant changed the Play icon was in 2016, when Play Movies & TV, Music and Newsstand “were still very dynamic”. Now Google has decided to change the logo after more than six years. The old icon that was used before 2016 had more shadows and was also placed in triangles, according to the report.
Google Play Store new logo: Design
According to the report, the company kept the triangle design, but the corners of the new logo are significantly more rounded than the current one. Additionally, the four colors appear more closely aligned with Google’s colors, which “is the clear trend and mandate of recent redesigns,” the report suggests.
Apart from that, the blue and green of the new logo look “less vibrant” while the internal division has also been changed to make each part a more proportionate size. In the current logo, the blue triangle is larger than the other three partitions.
google play Store new logo: Availability
The report mentions that a simple low-res version of this icon is now available and can be found in both GPay and Google Pay (soon to become Wallet). Users can find the new logo when making a transaction on the Play Store, such as adding credit to their account, as a merchant icon.
Moreover, the report also claims that there is no information on when the company updated the service with the new logo. Meanwhile, the latest icon is not live anywhere in the Play Store or app which has also been recently redesigned, the report says.
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