Google is bringing this controversial app back to Play Store


Google finally allowed a conservative social media app Speaking be back on its Play Store, having removed the app in January 2021 for violating its policies following the US Capitol riots.

In April, Apple approved the return of Parler to the App Store, following improvements made by the company to better detect and moderate hate speech.

“Major news: we’re back on the Google Play Store. Happy downloading, Android users,” the Talking app tweeted on Saturday.

Chief Technology Officer Talk Sam Lipoff said that during his absence from Google Play, “we have worked diligently to create a more feature-rich and dynamic user experience.”

“Now is a great time to join Speak and rediscover the non-partisan platform where we allow people to speak freely,” Lipoff said.

Speak, an alternative to Facebook and Twitter that markets itself as a haven for free speech, was pulled from major tech platforms in early January following the Jan. 6 US Capitol riots.

Parler was kicked out of Apple and Google’s app stores, along with Amazon Web Serviceswhich hosted the company’s product.

Former US President donald trumpthe social media platform of is called Social truth is also facing similar issues with the Apple and Google bot, and the company is now working “in good faith with Google” to get it back on the Play Store.



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