Google Play Store is getting a ‘Deals’ tab that will highlight the best deals on games, apps and movies


Google Play Store is getting a new “Deals” tab designed to give users easy access to deals on games and apps. Google says the tab will feature deals on travel, shopping, media, fitness and entertainment apps. This feature is currently being rolled out and users in the US, India, and Indonesia are getting it first. This feature will be available in other countries later in 2022. The Offers tab is located at the bottom of the Google Play Store app on Android mobile devices.

Google partners with the developers of some of the most successful apps and games in the Google Play Store. He plans to add new offers every day on Google Play.

“The offers are win-win. We get an extra touchpoint with people to share information about a valuable promotion or update, and people can easily redeem the offer by opening the Strava app from the Offers tab,” said said Strava’s Allison Boyd in a prepared statement.

Announcing the new feature, David Winer, product manager at Google Play, said, “Sections like ‘Offers for apps you might like’ help you easily find deals you’re interested in.” Winer said users can take advantage of all kinds of offers through the Offers tab.

Players can expect to find limited time offers on in-game items such as Orbs or Tokens. Apps can showcase their rewards and packages on the tab, such as free rides or deliveries. Users looking for movie and book sales can take advantage of the deals available in the Deals tab. Developers can also entice new users with 30-day trials and other extended offers through this tab.

Recently, the search giant also launched a limited Windows beta for its Google Play Games service. The company aims to bring Android game titles to PCs and laptops in a bid to capture a wider gaming audience. The beta is listed to feature titles like Asphalt 9: Legends, Magic Rush: Heroes, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire, and War Planet Online.


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