Google says tablets will outsell laptops in near future


While Android tablets have been around for a very long time, Google has recently stepped up its investment in the Android tablet market. Among other things, he introduced the Android 12L operating system, which is designed for large-screen gadgets, and the company representative Rich Miner (CTO of Android tablets), shared his views on the development of the industry.

In a Google YouTube video, Miner recalled the advent of Android tablets and how applications such as media players could easily evolve into a new use case without much investment. However, stagnation gradually started in the industry and it continued almost until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic – growth only took place in 2019. In many ways, this was due to manufacturers and software developers, who have given users the ability to not only consume content, but also to create it.

Miner cited the fact that tablets have become “very productive and cheaper than laptops” as another reason for the market’s growth. This is facilitated by Google’s work on Android 12L – in the new version of the operating system; the interface works better with larger devices than smartphones, along with improved ways to display apps on large screens.

Google says tablets will outsell laptops in near future

A Google spokesperson advised developers to take advantage of the company’s new tools to optimize app compatibility with tablets; or even create software primarily aimed at the large-screen gadget market. He recalled 2020 statistics, in which tablet sales were comparable to laptop sales; and suggest that “in the not-too-distant future” more tablets will be on sale each year than laptops. “I think after you get past this point, you’ll never come back,” Miner said.

Some people attribute these comments to the fact that Google is probably preparing a Pixel series smartphone; bigger than its predecessors, most likely with a flexible screen.

“tablet purchases have actually started to approach the number of laptop shipments…I actually think there will be a crossover point at some point in the not too distant future; where there are more tablets sold each year than laptops. I think once you get past that point, you won’t be coming back.

It has become known that some Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft devices will be the first to receive Android 12L; the new version of Google’s operating system optimized to run on tablets and smartphones; with large screens. Andrey Popescu, Google’s vice president for Android development, wrote about this first post in the developer blog.


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