Here are the most tweeted and used hashtags by Malaysians #OnlyOnTwitter 2021


2021 is coming to an end soon and a lot has happened. One of the best ways to refresh your memory is none other than Twitter (sorry, more YouTube Rewind) and for this year we will be looking carefully #OnlyOnTwitter Malaysia 2021.

According to the Twitter database from January 1 to November 15, 2021, most of the tweets in Malaysia were about discovering and reconnecting with communities. This includes share new versions of local specialties, a heartfelt message about spending time with loved ones, enthusiasm for childhood favorites, unite to support the business of a disabled man, or just make jokes. Despite the challenges this year, there is more interesting than controversial content on Twitter about wildfires for Malaysians.


When it comes to having the most hashtags that sparked the most conversations in Malaysia, #Ateez (a growing K-Pop group) surprisingly made it to the top 10 alongside #BTS which is now known. like the best K-Pop group in the world. #BitCoin is also another popular topic among Malaysians with the rise of cryptocurrency investments and of course # Covid19 is still here this year.

Let’s not forget sport in Malaysia either, when track cyclist Azizulhasni Awang (@azizulawang) made the country proud by winning Malaysia’s first ever silver medal for men’s keirin at the biggest sporting event of 2021 in Tokyo. Then there is also the All England Open 2021 title where Lee Zii Jia became the first Malaysian champion since 2017. On that note, Team Malaysia (@teammsia) has become the go-to spot for Malaysians to cheer on their local heroes.

sports hashtags.jpegsports.jpeg

Either way, you can check out the rest of the most tweeted and used hashtag content for Malaysians in 2021 in the images below. Stay tuned for more tech news on!



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