Here’s the CES 2022 tech gear you can buy right now


CES is full of new product announcements every year, but unfortunately most of them are just that: announcements. Tech companies come out, proclaim loud and clear that their latest gadget is going to transform your life, then quietly mutter that it won’t actually be available until some time to be determined next year. As such, most of what we see at CES in any given year ends up being unachievable.

But luckily not everyone at CES shows up with a booth full of flashy promises. A few of them come to the show with products ready to ship immediately, immediately after they are revealed. So, as a tip of the hat to those thoughtful few who go the extra mile to provide us with the instant gratification we crave, we’ve rounded up all of the best CES gear you can buy right now. Everything on this list will ship before the end of January, if not sooner. Enjoy!

TCL’s Huge 95-inch 4K QLED TV

TCL United States

Most years pretty much every TV announced at CES doesn’t actually go on sale until the end of the year, but TCL gave us a solid this time around and put their 98in XL 98R754 series. – a monstrous Google 4K OLED TV – on sale for $ 7,732. It’s certainly outrageously expensive, but compared to equally huge TVs from Samsung and Sony, it’s actually relatively inexpensive.

Anker’s awesome all-in-one webcam

anker video bar

It’s crazy that it took someone so long to create an all-in-one webcam that includes everything you need (a microphone, speakers, a high resolution camera with a frequency of ‘high images and a built-in light), but luckily Anker did just that, and you can order one now. These puppies won’t ship until January 25, but if you make a $ 1 deposit before that date Anker will give you $ 35 off the list price of $ 220. Not bad at all !

HP Omen 45L Prebuilt Gaming PC

HP Omen 45L seated on a table.
Jacob Roach / Digital trends

In the words of DT’s senior IT reporter, Jacob Roach, this thing is “a masterclass in pre-built gaming PCs.” The Omen 45L improves its predecessor in almost every way. It has a unique cooling design which is really cost effective in thermal; the tool-less case is even easier to insert; and performance, though sometimes hampered by memory speed, is worthy of the hardware inside.

Note: The Omen 45L is precisely our winner of the Top Tech of CES 2022 award in the Computing category. NBD!

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

The Garmin Venu 2 Plus is an excellent connected watch.
Adam Doud / Digital trends

Big props to Garmin for this one. It’s not just an ordinary fitness tracker – Adam Doud, a wearable tech enthusiast from DT, says it’s one of the best fitness trackers on the market, and you don’t have to at all wait to buy it. It’s on sale as we speak and ships immediately.

Garmin Vivomove Sport

Garmin Vivomove Sport Body battery data.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

It is the same case for this one. Despite all the supply chain issues and chip shortages plaguing the consumer electronics world today, Garmin has already produced a full set of these bad boys and is ready to ship them immediately. Orders are open on the Garmin website.

Samsung’s weirdly fun Freestyle projector

Samsung Freestyle projector.

DT A / V Editor Phil Nickinson says, “Portable projectors aren’t really new. There has been a plethora of them over the years, to varying degrees of mediocrity. Samsung is hoping to change that at CES 2022 with the Freestyle, a portable projector that doesn’t necessarily aim to be the center of your living room and home theater experience, but rather in the midst of the good times that pass outside of it. . “

Jabra Elite 4 Active True Wireless Headphones

Jabra Elite 4 Active headphones.

This year at CES, Jabra introduced “the newest member of its Elite family of true wireless headphones: the $ 119 Elite 4 Active,” reports DT headphone guru Simon Cohen. This is “a set of waterproof active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones that fit between the $ 99 Elite 3 and the $ 180 Elite 7 Active.” They are available from January 3, in navy, black and light mint.

Chipolo’s AirTag card adapted to wallets

Chipolo wallet tracking card

Apple AirTags are undeniably a great way to track just about anything. Whether it’s your keys, cars, backpack, or even your pet, they can track it. But there’s one thing they’re decidedly horrible at: your wallet. They just aren’t cut out for it – and that’s where Chipolo map location Between. This device uses the same Apple-compatible Find My technology, but puts it in a more wallet-friendly card. Pre-orders are open now, and they start shipping when the pre-order period ends at the end of January.

Motorola Wireless Android Auto Adapter

The Motorola MA1 wireless adapter for Android Auto.

The wireless version of Android Auto is now available in many new cars, but if you have an older car that has the old fashioned wired version, Motorola’s new MA1 adapter is just what you need. As Steven Edelstein, DT automotive journalist writes, this little gadget “plugs into a vehicle’s USB port and automatically connects via Bluetooth. Once connected, it activates all the features of Android Auto, including showing Google Maps, Spotify and other phone apps to the car’s infotainment system, but without searching for a cable.

This totally useless TP usage tracker

TP replenishment app and device

“Smart home appliances tend to be confined to the territory of solutions to non-existent problems,” says DT reporter Shuham Agarwal. “Case in point: This smart toilet paper holder from a company called Homeplenish that keeps tabs on your usage, then automatically orders more from your Amazon account when you’re about to run out. Since smart support integrates with Amazon’s Smart Reorder platform, it also takes delivery times into account and calculates the ideal reorder time to ensure there is never too much or too little TP on hand.

You absolutely don’t need this device, but in case you want it, it is already available on Amazon.

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