Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers: Local Bottles, Luxury Gadgets, and Tasting Kits


If the price isn’t an item – I’m talking about the 1% here – the new glitter item in wine this year is the Coravin Sparkling preservation system. Coravin ten years ago, delighted wine collectors and sommeliers with its contraption that extracts wine through a cork stopper and inserts argon gas to preserve the rest. It allows us to taste a rare or expensive wine without committing to the entire bottle. The Coravin Sparkling aims to do the same for your vintage champagne head in regular bottles or magnums. It’s actually easier to use than the original Coravin because no needle can break. You pop the cork, pour a glass, then place a specially designed cork on the bottle and use the main device to insert carbon dioxide, the same gas that gives wine its sparkling sound. It should keep your wine chilled for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. It’s more efficient than a cork of sparkling wine or the old trick of putting a spoon in the neck of the bottle. Of course, for the $ 400 it will cost you, you could buy a lot of spoons. And I know what you are thinking: who ever struggles to finish a bottle of good sparkling wine? High-end restaurants will want this device, but I see it’s irresistible for collectors as well.


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