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We will tell you about three exciting games that will take you back to the hot summer that ended recently. These games have already managed to become leaders at the top of the best.

Autumn has already taken its rights. It is in moments like this that we want to dive into the memories of the past summer or the dreams of the next. It’s for those moments and has created some nostalgically fascinating slots – the developers as if they know how fast the summer goes, so they took care of the new collections in advance.

If you want to play more traditional games – Real Money Gambling Andar Bahar is still available at online casinos in India. Such a game will not only entertain you but also introduce you to the culture of the country.

Check out these titles:

  • 2-slot money basket.
  • Loot Bay 3
  • Hotel Yeti Way

Money basket 2

Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels slot lets you ditch the old base game, essentially putting foreign players in the middle of Money Cart free spins every time they hit the start button.

Visually, Relax has left everything as is, meaning the 5×4 game grid is set on a technical train device as it moves along the tracks, but looks like something out of Doc’s nightmare. Brown. The game has a western theme, put through a steampunk to create a unique atmosphere that matches the gameplay perfectly. First the reels spin with a mechanical screech and a guitar with reverb playing in the background, the mood builds, then bonus symbols fill the playing field, and the balls fly in all directions.

If you go far enough, you can conclude: the potential of Money Cart 2 is as impressive as Money Train 2, and it strives to convince foreign players of this. Maximum winnings are stated in coin denominations, not × times the stake, so the “up to 50,000” listed below the logo means × 5,000. Nevertheless, there are other elements of the game that enhance its potential. Chief among them is RTP, which has a figure of 98% and outperforms many other slots.

Money Cart 2 Abroad is available on any device, where betting options have expanded exponentially to £200/€200 per spin. Characteristically, the volatility remains high, which is appropriate because relaxing the mathematical model would amount to a loss, given the reputation of the series.

Loot Bay

Booty Bay is a slot game that uses cluster payout mechanisms, playing on five reels across 5 rows of the playing field. In the center of the grid you can see a dedicated 3×3 area called Hotzone, which works in conjunction with wild symbols to trigger multipliers or re-spins. Visually, it is somewhat reminiscent of the style of Relax Gaming. The music is awesome – the sunniest track you can hear outside of the islands. A few sinister outlaws may appear on the paytable, but they’d rather serve drinks than offend a foreign player with anything.

Players can loot using any gadget, betting up to £100/€100 per spin. Although Push Gaming featured variable RTP, the game comes with a decent value of 96.41%.

Regular wins occur when six or more matching symbols land next to each other horizontally or vertically – now you can start collecting treasures. It should be borne in mind that no stage of the game uses a cascading system: the winnings fall – the players collect them. That’s it. Only nine symbols are regularly paid, all of which are items of the genre: bronze, silver, gold coins, barrels, compasses and telescopes. The prizes are three types of pirates, offering 10 to 50 times the stake. The Booty Wild symbol replaces all paying symbols.

Booty Bay isn’t just your typical grid slot: there’s no way to collect consecutive cascading wins to trigger modifiers or free spins. Instead, Booty Bay features a sandy hot zone that rewards re-spins, as well as bubbling whirlpools, wild blocks, a treasure map, and a triple-lock wild feature.

A re-spin is awarded if a wild symbol appears during a Hotzone re-spin. All wild cards are moved to a random adjacent position during the spin of the reel. If the wild symbol remains in the hot zone after the move, its multiplier becomes ×1. The repeated rotations continue as long as they are in the hotspot – without limits.

Hotel Yeti-Way.

For many, even very serious climbers, the Himalayas prove insurmountable simply because Everest is the highest point. And if you did not conquer the highest point, you went in vain to the mountains. It is only at the top that one has the impression of being on top of the world and contemplating all the other peaks of the planet. In the past, few members of the elite could even think of conquering the heights of Everest. Now, in the age of instant gratification, by paying experienced guides, anyone can have the chance to climb the mountain, even if it won’t be easy. The growing number of people climbing the Himalayas has led to an explosion of litter left behind, and in 2019, 11 tonnes of leftover items were removed during the cleanup. Secret mountaineers also participate in the cleaning process. At least that’s what the Play’n GO developers have decided. That’s how Bigfoot found an abandoned suitcase full of vacation clothes during his wanderings through the mountains and decided to leave his permanent place of residence to rest up on a tropical vacation. In Yeti-Way Hotel Full Slots, you can follow the exploits of the giant as he bungee jumps, surfs and dives on a hot island.

The game is played on six reels across 4 rows of the game grid, offering 4,096 ways to win, at least in the base game. During free spins, the number of methods can be significantly increased. Graphically, foreign players get a brightly lit slot in a wooden shack on the beach in the main game, and in the bonus game the location changes depending on the option chosen. It all sounds like a successful escape from routine when, just like Bigfoot, you can sit on the beach and do nothing but bask in the sun and play extreme sports. Of course, it will be fine if Yeti also brings sunscreen and insect repellent.

The big game has a very volatile mathematical model. As a result, Yeti-Way Hotel is more than just a bonus game. There are some cool features in the main game too, but the volatile free spins ways mean that’s where most of the fun is. The RTP varies, as it usually does with this studio. The value to monitor is 96.18%. On the other hand, bets can reach £100/€100 per spin.


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