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Rainbow Six Extraction introduced many new elements to the Rainbow Six series, from battling aliens to reworked Operator abilities. One of the other new elements is the concept of MIA operators.

An Operator who fails a mission or is eliminated by the Archaeans will be considered MIA, or missing. This MIA Operator will not be playable until rescued. Failed rescues will bring Operators back with penalties that will significantly impact gameplay, so it’s worth learning how to properly rescue an MIA Operator.

To save a MIA Operator, you must return to the level where you lost it. You can see where to rescue each operator on the operator selection screen or on the level selection menu. You will see a red icon showing MIA Operators here, indicating which Mission Hot Zone contains them.

Once you’ve fallen into the Hot Zone where the Fallen Operator is located, you’ll need to locate an Archaean Tree. The spooky tree will be accompanied by a beeping sound, letting you know you’re in the right area.

You will see that the Archaean tree has three branches that emerge and stretch to a spot on a wall or other surface. These are called anchor points. Destroying these anchor points while they are glowing will stop the pulses along the branches that slow rescue. You also need to shoot the Pulses as they travel, not letting them reach the Archaean Tree.

Climb up the tree and pull the operator. Only stop pulling the operator to pull the pulses before they hit the shaft. You should also try pulling on the anchor points to temporarily stop the impulses. You will need to repeat this process for some time – pull the operator, stop the pulses.

When the Operator is extracted from the Archaean Tree, you need to transport it to an extraction point. When you get to the extraction point, place the fallen operator in a pod. From there you can go with them or go to the next hot-zone.

A successful Rescue Mission will return you the Operator without penalty. They will have a temporary health drop, but this will return when you use other Operators on missions.

If you fail the Rescue Mission, however, the Operator will return to the roster with a 30% reduction to their XP and contribution to your REACT progress. They will also have a temporary health reduction.


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