How to Lock Android Apps on Samsung Smartphones?


Privacy is the top priority for many smartphone users. Your smartphone contains your bank details, social media logins, personal data, and other information that you may not want to share with anyone else. While locking the screen is a decent way to protect your privacy, there’s no harm in being careful. With an app lock, you can ensure that no one has access to your phone’s content without your consent. In this article, we show you how to lock Android apps on Samsung smartphone.

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Lock Android Apps Using Samsung’s Native App Locker

Samsung’s internal app locker is called “S Secure” and can be downloaded from the Galaxy store on your Samsung smartphone. Once you have installed S Secure, follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Go to Settings and select Advanced Features.

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2nd step: Select “Lock and hide apps”.

Step 2: Select

Step 3: Once you’ve enabled the toggle bar, you’ll need to enter a PIN pattern or password.

Step 4: Once you enter the password, tap “Locked apps” to add the apps you want to lock.

Step 4: Once you have entered the password, press

Lock Android Apps Using Third-Party App Locker

If you don’t have a Samsung device or don’t want to use Samsung’s native app locker, there are plenty of third-party app lockers available on the Google Play Store. App Lock by Sailing Lab and App Locker by BGNmobi are two of the most popular app lockers in the Android market. Once you have downloaded them, you will need to create a pin or pattern lock following which you can add the apps to the locker.

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These are the two ways to lock Android apps on your Samsung smartphone. Samsung’s S Secure app also offers the ability to secure your WiFi connection. S Secure blocks all requests to your device while you browse the web and encrypts insecure web requests. If there are any other app lockers or privacy-focused apps you like to use, let us know in the comments!

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