How to Use Chrome as a Password Manager on iPhone, iPad


Google recently rolled out version 103 update for Google Chromium on all platforms, including iOS and iPadOS. The latest browser update brings a host of new features. However, it includes a few features specific to the iOS version. This includes enhanced security, a new discovery page, and AI-based translation, among others. In addition to that, the latest update also brings Google Password Manager to the browser on iOS.

For those unfamiliar, Google Password Manager allows users to store, manage, and automatic filling passwords in applications and websites, somewhat similar to AppleKeychains.

Chrome 103 update now includes the built-in Google Password Manager for iOS. For your information, the feature is already available on PC and android browser versions. Additionally, users can now set Google Password Manager as the default autofill provider.

Wondering how to set up Chrome autofill and use it as the default password manager on your iPhone? Follow our step-by-step guide:

Latest version of Google Chrome
Make sure Chrome is linked to your Google account

Steps to allow other apps to use Chrome’s passwords


Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad


Tap Passwords and verify yourself by entering your device password or using biometric authentication


Now tap on the Autofill Passwords option and enable Autofill Passwords

Here you will have to choose Chrome as the default option


Note that you can choose to use both Chrome and iCloud & Keychain as your password manager.

Steps to use Chrome passwords in other apps


Open the app you want to connect to


On the login page, tap the username or password field


Select Passwords on the keyboard


To allow autofill, you may need to sign in to your device again.


Now choose the password you want to use.




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