How to Use Garmin Connect + Best Features


Here’s everything you need to know about Garmin Connect, whether you’ve already got your hands on a new Garmin device or are doing your due diligence before doing so.

Garmin Connect is Garmin’s own online tracker and community platform that organizes your daily activities, fitness, and sports metrics on an interactive dashboard that you can access anytime, anywhere from your computer or your mobile device.

You can get reports on your daily activities including calories burned, steps walked and total distance walked, similar to the respective Fitbit and Apple and Samsung watches. There are also much more in-depth analysis tools, including sleep tracking and weight monitoring.

Garmin Connect lets you get especially creative with your exercise and workout routines, with workout design utilities that play on your device, as well as walk, run, and run course creation tools. cycling.

All of your activities can be shared and synced with MyFitnessPal to provide information and share the badges you’ve earned with the community, whether it’s the friends you’ve added or comparisons between other users of the same age and of the same sex.

Let’s take a look at the finer details of the best features of Garmin Connect:

Custom training creation

You will enjoy this Garmin Connect feature whether you run, swim, cycle, do aerobic workouts, or cross train with strength or high intensity interval training routines. Simply go to Garmin Connect and navigate to the “Workouts” portion of the “Workout” section. Choose a fitness category from the drop-down menu, then customize your workout to your liking.

If you want to create a cycling schedule, for example, you can use the Design Your Workouts option to create your own chain of reps that includes cycling periods, recovery times, rest and cool down, all depending on the period. and the intensity level you have chosen. Time, distance, calories, pace, and even a heart rate zone are all factors that go into each “step” of your custom routines.

Creation of personalized routes / itineraries

Garmin Connect also allows you to create your own personalized routes in the area of ​​your choice. Start by selecting one of the following six activities: cycling: road, gravel or mountain, running: standard or trail, hiking, or you can select “Other”.

You can choose to follow specified routes or go off-roading and freestyle using the live map. You have three alternatives to return to the start of the route: Loop at start, Round trip or Reverse direction.

You can further customize your route using the toolbox feature, which lets you choose to stay on the main roads or use optional nature-friendly routes or trails, as well as if you wish. that distance markers are documented throughout the route.

There are plenty of alternatives to pave the way for an exciting but well-signposted return to the starting point. Then, using Garmin Express, transfer your newly designed route to your Garmin device. Garmin Express is a program that allows you to synchronize your computer or mobile application with the Garmin gadget of your choice.

Specific training plans based on objectives

Whatever your goal, whether it’s a 5k couch or an ultramarathon, Garmin Connect offers a variety of 8-16 week workout programs created by experienced trainers, including routines and days off depending on your current level of fitness, your ambitions and the discipline of your choice. .

Programs are fully editable and can be sent directly to your Garmin device.

Relevant community information

Garmin Connect Insights helps you compare yourself to others your age and gender, so you can see if you’re slacking off or moving forward. Plus, you can see where you stand in terms of steps taken and how much sleep you get each night compared to your friends, so you can adjust your routine as needed.

This information can be very important for a number of reasons including, for example, if you are having trouble keeping up with those in your demographic, no matter how hard you put in, there could be an underlying condition. that prevents you from doing it.

From there, your doctor can help you diagnose any issues and then do what is necessary to get you on the right track. Then you can let a personal trainer know your unique requirements and they will help you find a workaround.

Friends, groups and communities

Garmin Connect also makes it easy to form a specialty group, whether it is a small group of fellow runners, a professional golf group, or a group of friends trying to lose weight and to get in shape during the warmer months.

You can choose the type of exercises you want to perform and view them in your group feed, along with group information such as steps, distance traveled, and calories burned, when you first create the group. .

Recruit people into your party through Garmin Connect or email, then interact with them through chats, post a workout schedule, and trade the routes you want to take together. For contacts who don’t have Garmin Connect, you can also post the same activity on social networking sites.

Equipment monitoring and statistics

Garmin Connect will keep track of how long your fitness equipment has been used and will notify you when it is appropriate to maintain your bike or consider purchasing new trainers. Simply enter the date of your first use of the equipment you have chosen, such as your shoes or your bike, as well as the make and model.

Garmin Connect will immediately begin recording the total mileage you travel with this equipment and tell you how far you have left until things need to be replaced.


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