How well does this slider slicer that promises to cut grapes and tomatoes with ease really work?


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If you’re at the stage in life where you have young children who can still choke on certain foods, you’ll also know the annoyance of halving grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, hot dogs, and dips. other foods to make them safe. your children to eat.

So when I saw a gadget called the Progressive Prep Solutions Zip Slicer for sale on Amazon, I couldn’t wait to try it. The long, tube-like device and attachment claim to help you quickly slice multiple foods, like grapes and snack tomatoes, in one motion.

At the time I bought the Zip Slicer it was about $30 including shipping, but that was on sale for $28.95 at the time of publication.

Anna Weaver/Easiest

How it works

Inside the white attachment (shown below) that slides over the clear tube is a triangular razor that, when slid along the tube filled with tomatoes or grapes, cuts them cleanly. You’re supposed to slice in “one quick motion,” according to the instructions.

Anna Weaver/Easiest

I tried a few grapes to start. I couldn’t figure out if I needed to keep the grapes precisely aligned or not, but they tended to be a little crooked when I held the slider slicer straight with the attachment ready to slice.

Anna Weaver/Easiest

Does it really work?

Honestly, it worked pretty well for me, with some trial and error.

the slide slicer didn’t cut all the grapes, because of the way they lined up in the tube. But, after a second swipe, I had most of them cut in half and in less time than it would have taken me to cut them individually.

Anna Weaver/Easiest

Then I tried slicing tomatoes that were smaller than cherry tomatoes, which was a bit of a problem as they definitely clumped together and didn’t stay in a straight line inside the tube. However, the razor still managed to cut maybe half of the tomatoes on the first try.

Anna Weaver/Easiest

I tried it again with larger grape tomatoes and this time the slicer worked wonderfully, cutting each tomato in half. So it seems to me that objects closer to the width of the slider slicer tube work better.

I also let my 6 year old son slice tomatoes on his own, and with the blade safely inside the plastic sleeve, I wasn’t worried about him cutting himself.

We didn’t have any hot dogs to try for the review, but I have to imagine the slider slicer would work quickly to cut them into long strips. Given that studies have shown that hot dogs and grapes are some of the top things young children choke on every year, the slide-out slicer seems like a handy and useful appliance to have in your kitchen if you’re a parent.

Even if you don’t have kids, I can see how being able to slice a bunch of tomatoes right into your salad would be a great time saver.

Anna Weaver/Easiest

Users seem to be quite happy with it, overall. From over 1,500 reviews, the slide slicer has an average rating of 4.2 out of five stars.

Amazon reviewer Kathleen McGregor wrote that she liked the slider slicer for this very purpose, saying she ate cherry tomatoes frequently but hated chopping them. Although she apparently doesn’t buy single-use kitchen gadgets often, she said this one was worth the money.

“It’s quick and so easy”, McGregor wrote. “The sides of the triangle just slide through the tomatoes, because you can use the handle on either side. It’s simple, useful and effective.

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