Huawei accompanying WiFi 3 4G is on sale for $50.45


Huawei has unveiled a new companion WiFi 3 portable device for its consumers. The product comes with 4G network capabilities and supports Internet access at a high speed of 150 Mbps. Fortunately, the device is now available at a reasonable retail price of 349 yuan [50.43 USD].

Yes! now you can enjoy the benefits of standard companion Wi-Fi 3 at an affordable cost. And when I say advantages, it means that the device contains several exclusive pinches that make it special and different from others.

Companion WiFi 3 – Effective Features

Speaking of dazzling features, the new connectivity product features an increased WiFi speed of 300 Mbps, which is far more than the previous generation routers. Along with this, the device packs a highly impulsive 2400mAh battery. In addition, the battery life of the respective WiFi device has increased to 9 hours more.

In terms of charging, the adapter uses a Type-C interface and delivers more efficient power than before. It saves 94 grams in weight and has the ability to connect 16 devices at the same time.

Together, these thoughtful features indicate that the accompanying WiFi 3 is a complete package of user enjoyment. But the list does not end there. There are other tugs that reveal the benefits of the immersive gadget.

According to the information, this WiFi 3 product has an auto-acceleration mode for games that prevents brute force attacks. As a result, users can easily use login or encryption features in their games without any external obstacles.

In addition, the device embeds a 5 GB data card in its frame. However, if you feel more requirements, you can purchase the Huawei Sky Pass data card. Eventually, this addition provides 2000 GB of data per month.

The mentioned product is making its way to the consumers through the well-known online shopping website – Moreover, users have three choices to select the Wifi router accordingly:

  • Single product – 349 yuan [50.43 USD]
  • Monthly plan – 448 yuan [64.74 USD]
  • Annual plan – 948 yuan [137.00 USD]
Get Huawei Wi-Fi 3 NOW!

So, are you still looking for another Wi-Fi gadget? Don’t miss the opportunity and grab the Huawei Accompanying WiFi 3 device at only 349 yuan [50.43 USD]by clicking on the link mentioned above.

Huawei accompanying Wi-Fi 3


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