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Huawei has introduced a huge set of smart gadgets lately. This bundle includes all types of devices, ranging from smartphones to smart home products. Currently, the company introduced a new 4K TV set-top box, equipped with Huawei HiSilicon chips at only 88 yuan [12.71 USD].

Unlike other TV set-top boxes, the Huawei 4K TV set-top box powered by HiSilicon chips offers many advantages at an affordable price. In addition, it supports several advanced techniques, which a normal box could not present on its surface.

TV box equipped with Huawei HiSilicon

Since the respective TV box uses a HiSilicon 378MV310 chipset at its core, the device delivers high-powered performance. It features 4K/60fps (frames per second) HDR video decoding and DTS audio decoding.

Meanwhile, it also has a 5G version and carries a 5G frequency band with a Wi-Fi channel. Moreover, it has a built-in Wi-Fi transmitter on the motherboard. Hence, this maintains stability and transfers the network to a faster mode.

Thoughtful Features

The ultimate product allows you to watch over 3000 TV programs with 0 months rent. Yes, no additional cost to enjoy the entertainment package of your choice. Plus, the content appears in HD resolution and doesn’t interrupt your joy with unnecessary ads.

Talking about the supporting features, the highly rated decoder offers the capability of several functions. For example, it supports 7-day high-definition playback, full CCTV package and satellite TV program playback. So if you missed any of your favorite shows or series, don’t worry because you’ll have time to watch them later.

You will also find smartphone screen projection, the new HDMI interface and the old AV interface. Therefore, you can watch your favorites in any way and with any type of TV model. All you need is a proper internet connection.

The most interesting point is that all these features are available at only 88 yuan [12.71 USD] on the familiar online shopping platform – So hop on the link below and take this new device for a test drive.

Huawei 4K TV decoder at 88 yuan!

Besides supporting skills, this TV box can let you install all kinds of TV software. Such as Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, various audio and video apps, live broadcasts, etc. So you have a lot of areas to explore with the new decoder.

Huawei HiSilicon decoder


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