Huawei launches two new sub-brand smart displays


Huawei knows very well how to maintain product quality over time and position itself at the top of the market. And here is the proof, recently released information indicates that while major vendors have suffered a significant decline in global Smart TV market share, Huawei is still doing well with its products.

So far, we have acknowledged that the global electronic equipment market has been falling over the past few months. Hence, it has had a huge impact on the sales of smart gadgets including handset models, tablets, computers and smart displays.

Unfortunately, this decline in equipment sales has given some high-tech manufacturers a boost. According to the latest information, Samsung and LG are constantly facing a gradual decline in their sales of Smart TVs.

The first quarter of this year remained at a moderate level for both parties. Samsung held 32.9% market share while LG gained 17.7%. Together they held a market share of 50.6%. However, in the second quarter, the combined market shares fell directly below 50%.

Next is the ranking of Sony cooperation at the third position with a decline of 35.8% on an annual basis. If we talk about the reasons, it is undoubtedly the high cost and low demand for Smart TV in the global market.

Huawei Smart TV’s market share is at a good point!

It is not only the global market, but even Chinese goods have faced the same scenario in the case of smart screen sales. Compared to the first half of the year, the Chinese Smart TV market decreased to 10.5%. Yet some brands such as Huawei, Redmi and Hisense’s Vidda have also held up well under difficult circumstances.

Although we haven’t captured the company’s exact sales. Still, according to reports, sales of Huawei Smart TV have increased in both the Chinese market and the global market. Huawei offers such products that are not only affordable, but also performance-oriented. Ultimately, this strategy makes its devices more in demand among consumers.



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