Huawei MatePad C5e Business Feature Tablet Global Market Launch


During the Huawei Mate 50 series launch event, Huawei unveiled many other exciting products. One such product is the Huawei MateStation S desktop, which inherits the Super Device feature.

The Super Device function provides a combination of wireless connection of devices. By simply clicking the icons of different devices together, you can connect to them.


The new Huawei MateStation S desktop supports the Super Device function, and users can realize the interconnection between mobile phones, tablets and other devices and the new Huawei MateStation S desktop.

Specifically, materials, documents and images received by mobile phones, tablets and other devices can be dragged and transferred to and from the computer in both directions.

At the same time, users can also open 3 mobile app windows on the new desktop and use the mobile app directly on the PC.

In addition, it uses 8L compact chassis design, up to 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-12700 processor, up to 256G high-speed SSD + 1T large-capacity mechanical hard drive, 16G DDR4 dual-channel memory .

Meanwhile, it has 2×2 dual-antenna Wi-Fi 6 with speeds of up to 2400 Mbps. At the same time, the desktop supports Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connection.

In terms of interfaces, the front panel has 2 USB ports and 6 USB ports at the rear. In addition to supporting HDMI, the display interface also equips a DP interface, which basically can meet most mainstream input devices.

Besides, it can also interconnect with devices such as monitors, wireless headphones, keyboards and mice, speakers and printers to realize information synchronization, resource sharing and enjoy the convenience of the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

Equipped with “mobile application engine”, which realizes the compatibility between Windows system and mobile applications from the bottom layer, allowing users to enjoy two ecosystems in one screen, such as ordering takeout on the new Huawei MateStation S desktop, Chatter on WeChat, Douyin swipe, etc. is not a problem.

The new computer has the capability of a remote PC. Users can access Huawei MateStation S via Huawei tablet remote access card, enter PC password under the same Huawei account to access Huawei MateStation S and achieve remote work.


Huawei MateStation S 12th Gen Core Edition will officially launch presale at 6:08 p.m. on September 6 at Huawei Mall,, Tmall and Huawei Online authorized stores.

During the presale period, you can enjoy a discount of 100 yuan (about 14.37) per host. And, the monitor package discount is 200 yuan (about 28.74 USD).

The specific prices are as follows:

  • Single Host 12th Gen i5 16G 1T HDD + 256G SSD ¥4499 (about US$646.43);
  • Single host 12th Gen i7 16G 1T HDD + 256G SSD ¥5699 (about 818.85 USD);
  • 12th Generation i5 16G 1T HDD + 256G SSD Monitor Bundle ¥5298 (about US$761.23);
  • 12th Generation i7 16G 1T HDD + 256G SSD Monitor Bundle ¥6498 (about US$933.65).



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