Inbase’s Urban LYF M is a budget smartwatch that doesn’t disappoint


Over the past few years, several brands have revolutionized wearable technology by introducing fitness bracelets and smartwatches to appeal to consumers. From the budget to the most expensive, there are a multitude of connected watches. In such a scenario, how do we make a choice? If you are a newbie in the smartwatch area and don’t want to spend a lot on the gadget, then

Inbase’s Urban LYF M smartwatch should be on your radar. This affordable smartwatch, priced at Rs 6,999, comes with various features like Bluetooth calling, oxygen and heart rate monitor, steps, blood pressure and sleep tracking, multiple sports modes, and more. Its 1.69-inch square screen is made of a sturdy zinc alloy casing that makes it suitable for intensive use. It is water resistant (not waterproof) and has an anti-scratch screen. The user-friendly operating system makes your daily experience hassle-free.

You can sync the watch with the Da Fit app and track your health data on your phone. The heart rate monitor is quite accurate. Expect a difference of five to seven beats compared to a manual count. Even proper heart rate monitors make such a difference.

But we observed discrepancies with the tensiometer. While mine was almost on point (I have high blood pressure), my colleague who has low blood pressure was not impressed with her result. When she measured her blood pressure, it turned out to be high.

The most impressive part is the battery. It has 30 days of standby time and more than eight days of battery life even with heavy use. It also helps that the watch is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about it getting wet in the rain. However, it’s not waterproof, and the company doesn’t mention how long it can last underwater or if you should get soaked in a heavy downpour.

Also, if you have sensitive skin and are wary of silicone or rubber straps, don’t worry. The smartwatch band will be no problem on this front.

Once you’ve synced your watch with the app, you can select which notifications you want to receive on the watch. From email to WhatsApp and other apps, the watch makes your life easier by bringing notifications to your wrist. The vibration is powerful enough to wake you up from sleep.

The watch is available in three colors: black dial with a black strap, rose gold dial with a purple strap and silver dial with a gray strap. Currently, the watch is available at a discounted price on the company’s website. It is also available on some e-commerce websites.

All in all, for those looking for entry-level smartwatches, Urban LYF M will not disappoint.


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