India: How this rural Kerala ration shop provides customers with a high-tech shopping experience – News


The point of sale even has a box for buyers to listen to music or watch TV shows if there are long lines.

By Web Desk

Posted: Sat, Nov 20, 2021, 5:59 PM

Last update: Sat, Nov 20, 2021, 6:25 PM

If you happen to pass by the village of Kadampuzha in Kerala, you might be surprised for a moment looking at the chic 4,000 square foot store. And it would be hard to believe if we told you that this is a simple ration shop (ARD number 168), which sells ordinary things to people.

Kadmpuzha Moosa, the incumbent chairman of the Kerala State Retail Ration Dealers Association, brightened up the ration outlet, allowing villagers to enjoy the convenience of modern shopping.

“You will no longer have to go to a crowded room to bill and collect your rations,” Moosa told a newspaper of the state’s first suave store.

“You can buy your ration taking advantage of the high-tech facility. “

The outlet was inaugurated by a minister of state on Saturday and local elected officials and bureaucrats were present at the function. Moosa remembers the days when consumers had to “suck up liquids like kerosene and oil from large cans.” The new outlet features sensor-assisted gadgets that allow the shopper to place a can or bottle under a tap to fill it.

“The kerosene allocated to them will automatically be poured into their bottle or can,” he said.

“Everything will be automated. And if there is a long line, customers can sit and relax in an enclosure and listen to music or watch their favorite TV series.

Other features include a large digital display that provides information including the products they purchased, quantity and weight.


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