iRuntek fabric razor wipes pills off couches in minutes


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Whether you’re investing in a comfy new sweater, fresh bedding, or a comfy sofa, you hope your new purchase will stay looking like new for many weeks and months to come. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best quality items start to pill after constant use. But there is a quick and easy way to revive them, and according to one of our editors, it comes down to this handy cloth razor it’s on sale for just $22.

The iRuntek Rechargeable Cloth Shaver is designed to remove pilling and pulling from everything from socks to upholstery. It has three shaving hole sizes, four blades and three speeds, so you can choose the specific setting that makes you feel most comfortable while you work. The brand notes that the razor won’t damage your fabric, and Anna Price Olson, southern life‘s Assistant General Manager, put it to the test.

After a few months of constant use, Olson noticed that his new couch cushions didn’t look flawless. She felt that a cloth razor would help eliminate the stings and pulls she saw, but she quickly learned that the “cheap battery-powered” cloth razor she already owned wasn’t quite right. up to the task. So, the iRuntek rechargeable shaver seemed indispensable, especially because Olson plans to use it regularly to spruce up his couch.

“I read a bunch of product reviews on Amazon and finally pulled the trigger on this model (the chic silhouette and white color may have swayed my decision slightly),” she says. “It came in a few days, was easy to set up and, most surprisingly, was fully charged, so I used it straight away. My only issue is that I had a problem turning it on: I had to slightly twist the nozzle/head a bit so it starts working (it wasn’t in the instruction manual) Once it was done you could hear it start working, and I was immediately impressed!”

If you have a bigger project for the fabric shaver, the good news is it holds a charge for up to 180 minutes, depending on the brand. You won’t have to guess if the battery is low either: the on-screen display shows how much power is left, indicating when you need to plug the shaver in to recharge. While you’re charging the shaver, you can also quickly dump whatever it’s collected in the trash.

“I was able to cover the entire sofa with plenty of drums to spare, and it didn’t leave a pick or pull behind – easily cleaning the tops of the seat cushions as well as the sides and piping”, continues Olson, who loved being able to see the battery charge on the device’s digital display. “I think I started with 100% and only went down to 70% [after] clean the whole couch!”

Olson was able to make her sofa cushions “look pristine and clean” again, and she’s already excited to use the iRuntek Fabric Shaver to give her sweaters a quick spruce up in time for fall and winter. With so many uses, this $22 gadget is a must-haveespecially because you can ditch your old battery-powered cloth razor in the process.


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