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Trying to figure out which trending gadget to buy for Gen Z this holiday season? In the end, the perfect gift might be to collect the dust in your closet.

Ask my 18 year old niece, Layla. In May, as she was walking around congratulating friends after the graduation ceremony, I noticed something in her hand: an old-fashioned film camera that she found in her basement there. a few months ago.

it was the same Snappy Cannon my sister brought it on our family trip to Europe in 1987. Why would my super hip niece be so bulky and outdated?

Why film cameras are the perfect gift for Gen Z

In my therapeutic practice, I mainly work with people under the age of 40. Many of my millennial clients have memories of what life was like before the internet, social media, and smartphones.

But Generation Z is made up of true digital natives. Born between 1997 and 2012, they have been texting their friends and taking smartphone photos for as long as they can remember. But a film camera is a fun connection to an era they never saw.

Beyond the nostalgic appeal, capturing special moments with friends and family is especially important for Gen Z right now, especially since they’ve missed so many because of the pandemic.

[For Gen Z], a film camera is a fun connection to an era they never knew.

Smartphones allow us to take hundreds of photos. But with an old school camera – unless you have an endless amount of money to buy and develop a movie – you only get a few shots to capture something candid and spontaneous. As one Gen Z customer tells me, it forces you to take stock of what’s going on and focus on the little details to get a good picture.

Plus, what they capture is unedited and unfiltered. It’s cool, authentic, and real – you can hold it in your hands or frame it on a wall. I can’t imagine a better gift.

Choosing the right camera

There are many different types of compact cameras to choose from, such as an instant film camera or one that requires going to a store to have the film developed.

You can personalize the gift by choosing a camera in the preferred color of your recipients. Need some inspiration? Here are some of my favorite compact cameras:

1. Kodak M38 35mm camera with flash ($ 35)

the Kodak M38 is classic, easy to use and comes in several colors.

Preferred Features:

  • Wide-angle fixed focal length lens
  • Compatible with color and black and white film
  • Built-in flash for night shooting

2. Holga 135BC 35mm Curved Corner Camera ($ 59)

This iconic camera is effortlessly vintage and creates a soft vignette effect.

Preferred Features:

  • Manual focus area with marked distance icons
  • Adjusting the bulb for long exposure photography
  • Supplied with tripod socket

3. Canon Ivy CLIQ2 Instant Camera Printer ($ 79)

This Cannon is not your typical point-and-shoot. It automatically prints photos on peel and stick film, meaning your recipient won’t need to have their film developed.

Preferred Features:

  • Pocket size
  • Instant film
  • Large selfie mirror on the front

Tess Brigitte is a San Francisco-based psychotherapist and certified life coach. She has over 10 years of experience in the field and works primarily with millennials and millennial parents.

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