Jet Xavier: The Innovative Spirit


Essentially, technology is about change and how you respond to it. It’s the mindset you have around him that makes him useful or not.

For innovators and early adopters, technology is like winning the lottery.

It’s exciting and surprising at the same time.

They’ll be lining up for hours, if not days, to get the new widget that promises to improve life, business and the universe.

They are constantly upgrading, installing, innovating and keeping up to date with the latest gadgets.

They live in the zone of constant improvement and exploration and believe that “if it ain’t broke, let’s invent yet another new one and make it better”.

This mindset is an innovative mindset. Open, progressive, futuristic and curious.

Then at the other end you have the late majority and the latecomers.

They are still trying to figure out how to send an SMS on their Nokia 5110.

You know them. Those who text with their index finger still and never embraced the movement lol, bff, idk.

Their Rolodex database is still hiding in a drawer with clippings of their early announcements.

The affair of the late majority and latecomers with technology is usually the bane of their existence.

For them, technology is a necessary evil, frustrating and a waste of time.

It’s even threatening and scary at times because, you know, Siri might be listening to them.

They live by the mantra, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it or change it?”

This mindset is a resilient mindset. Stagnated, idle and opposed to change.

Which are you – innovative or resilient?

How do you adapt to change? What is your mindset when it comes to technology?

I sometimes float between the two.

I love the innovative energy of technological change and the fact that I can access music, my video camera, GPS, contacts and information at a glance on one device, send multiple emails and a host of other effective and efficient options.

Also, I’m open to brain and chip technology that can already turn on lights, unlock doors, and, as Elon Musk once experimented with in chimpanzees, play video games without using your hands, just a brain stimulation.

However, when my Google Verify, Hubdoc, and Xero apps decide not to talk to each other, or those COVID QR codes in cafes and malls decide to dismiss my existence while 10 people behind me wait patiently to use it, my calm can turn into chaos.

Recently I updated my computer which I had been using for six years.

It started to run slowly, the operating system was old, it was getting a death screen, and most of the software and programs were outdated and crashing.

I had used most of the storage, and the feeling had become clunky and unresponsive at times.

The iCloud also caused me great distress as it confused me all the time.

But like most things, I held on as long as I could and tolerated the slow response.

I was pretty much used to it.

Even though it was frustrating at times and contributed to poor performance, I tolerated it anyway.

I resisted and allowed it to become my normal.

It’s not the best example of a high performance coach, but it’s a great example of a tech-resistant mindset.

So what’s the benefit of having an innovator mindset?

An innovative mindset gives you the LEAD


When you have an innovative mindset, you have leverage.

Leverage your time, productivity and energy.

Technology helps you speed up results and speeds up the process.

Imagine not using automated messaging systems or open home tracking SMS?

You risk wasting time, money and energy.


Having an innovative mindset gets you more engagement with more people faster, which means more connections, more leads, and more opportunities.


An innovative mindset gives you the edge.

It allows you to take the lead and become the go-to person in real estate.

About 50% of people are late majority or laggard when it comes to technology adoption.

Thus, one could say that up to half of the agents adopt the technology too late.

This gives an advantage to innovators.


An innovative mindset sets you apart.

It makes you unique from those who don’t adopt technology early enough.

Your suppliers potentially view you as a superior option.

Many agencies are now using AI technology as a point of difference.

So the next time you find yourself feeling resistant to technology, remember the benefits of being an innovator and lead the way.


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