Keep snoring at bay with this $80 gadget


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Snoring is normal – almost everyone does it occasionally. People snore for different reasons, and it’s not always due to health issues. It can be caused by nasal congestion, uncomfortable sleeping position, alcohol, smoking, etc. But there are also cases where snoring is caused by a disorder called sleep apnea, which affects your sleep quality and leads to a host of other health issues.

While snoring is perfectly normal when it happens periodically, it can be problematic when it happens often. And not just for you, but also for your partner. With Snoring circle, you can keep snoring at bay with its exclusive technology designed to help you stop sawing logs while you sleep. For a limited time, it’s on sale over 30% off.

Snoring happens when your throat, tongue, and jaw are relaxed and your airways are constricted causing the soft tissues around your throat to vibrate and create an awful sound. Snore Circle solves this problem by safely stimulating the muscles under the chin using EMS + TENS technology, resulting in fast and effective relief. With a high-precision sensor and a patented intelligent algorithm that detects snoring, it emits a small, harmless electric current to stimulate the nerves under your chin, opening up your airways and making you sleep soundly.

30 different intensity levels are available to accommodate different levels of snoring, allowing you to adjust accordingly and find the right amount of stimulation on your throat. Just be sure to remove any stubble on your chin and throat to keep the device fully attached.

With the Snore Circle app, you can also track all of your sleep activities, including how many times you snore, snoring intensity, and more.

Formerly retailed for $119, you can grab Snore Circle on sale for just $79.99.

Prices subject to change.


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