Kyle Shanahan, 49ers inspired by WR Deebo Samuel


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San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel and head coach Kyle Shanahan have a special relationship on and off the field. On match days, fans are used to special games made for gimmicky games, but aside from the special moments, there’s a trust established between the duo that’s unlike any other.

Deebo notably called his own number on his 26-yard touchdown run against the Dallas Cowboys, and Shanahan trusted the decision, calling a play for his star and letting it unfold before his eyes.

Ahead of San Francisco’s showdown against the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship Game this Sunday, Shanahan once again had nothing but praise for his third-year wide receiver, touting his game as one of the best in the NFL. .

“I think Deebo is playing like one of the best players in the NFL right now,” Shanahan said. “So just to be able to do what he does, he’s obviously talented, but the willpower he has is unbelievable. And Deebo is one of the most respectful players I’ve ever been around,” Shanahan said. . “He wants the ball because he believes he can change it at any time, but I think what he actually said to me was, ‘Kyle, I got you.’ And if he has me, I’ll give him the ball.”

Shanahan admires the passion Samuel has for his teammates and the game of football, which attributes to his aggressive yet disciplined style of play which benefits the 49ers game plan.

“Deebo is a really good person who our team loves, and he cares about everyone, and that’s why he’s fun to watch because he does it the right way,” Shanahan continued. “He’s aggressive in everything he does, but yet he’s not out of control because that’s who he is. He doesn’t need to really get in shape for a game, which some people that you see playing with the physique that he does.”

Shanahan added that Samuel was an inspiration to him and the team, making his job easier as a caller, knowing his receiver can execute what is called.

“Tome, [remaining calm and disciplined on gamedays] allows him to play at such a physical level, but do it at a higher level than most people,” Shanahan added. “And that’s why he doesn’t call a lot. He just inspires. And he inspires me, and he inspires our team, and it’s a lot easier to call plays.”

The duo will certainly be a big factor this weekend when the 49ers get a chance to go to their second Super Bowl in three years. But first, they have to push through their division-rival Los Angeles Rams for the third team this season.

The San Francisco 49ers are just hours away from kicking off against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Wild Card Round of the playoffs. One player everyone is excited to see is the dynamic Deebo Samuel. He is labeled as a wide receiver. However, the 49ers have used him a lot more this season. Samuel has 77 receptions for 1,405 yards and six receiving touchdowns this season, all career highs. He also had 59 carries for 365 yards and a team-leading eight rushing touchdowns. Samuel even threw a touchdown pass in the regular season finale against the Los Angeles Rams. He can do anything. This week, Samuel was asked how he would respond to someone who didn’t know him asking him what position he

Deebo Samuel has become a very confident player for the San Francisco 49ers. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the ball in his hands and make a play. Samuel is a wide receiver but also lines up as a running back. He led the 49ers with eight rushing touchdowns this season. Samuel had another rushing touchdown in Sunday’s 23-17 playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys. That one was impressive, as it involved Samuel improvising on the play and returning inside to enter the end zone. This is not how the piece was written. How did Deebo even find this hole? 😱

Deebo Samuel sat down to speak with reporters via Zoom after Thursday’s practice. The dynamic receiver for the San Francisco 49ers has become a household name and a nightmare for opposing defenses. Samuel answered several questions during the media session. Here are some of the most notable. Has the new fame affected the 49ers wideback? “It doesn’t affect me at all,” Samuel said. “I’m just worried about this team and the win and all the guys around. I don’t pay attention to all the outside noise that’s thrown in your face. But it’s not hard to block it out and get it. focus only on the things that

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to reporters after his team’s stunning playoff victory over the Green Bay Packers, the second in as many weeks. He provided updates on a few key players who battled injury in the game. Wide receiver Deebo Samuel left the game after a 12-yard catch in the third quarter. He was tackled by linebacker Krys Barnes, started heading for the sideline, then stopped and went down. Samuel finally arrived on the sidelines on his own and even stayed in the game. However, he came out again late in the fourth quarter, hopping on one foot to the sideline. Samuel was unable to put weight on his right leg and needed help reaching the bench. Shanahan didn’t sound too much


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