Latest PUBG Mobile leaks show off new weapons, events and more


PUBG-Mobile Version 1.9 Update is currently live in-game for players around the world. And now, according to recent leaks, players could get a new UI, lobby, guns, and more. in the next few days of the game. From the past events, it is very evident that whatever happens game for peace, these features will also be available in the global version. In this article, we are going to discuss the latest leaked PUBG Mobile upcoming features.

New weapons


A brand new Assault Rifle is coming to the game, according to leaks. The name of the pistol is M417 which is a single shot pistol with a magazine capacity of only 10 rounds. This gun comes with four different accessory slots. This gun only works with 5.56mm ammo and is a great gun for single shot shooting.

battle bow

A new combat arc is set to be introduced to the game, according to leaks. This bow is typical of the old school. It is also a single shot weapon and is unlike previous crossbows. It has a tip filled with explosives, Bow bolts have a special fire effect. It makes a big explosion. These bolts explode automatically after impact. It will be a great weapon to hold players back.

New Lobby UI

PUBG Mobile Leaks
New lobby interface in PUBG Mobile

A new lobby interface will be available in future updates. This interface will be ideal for recreational purposes. As players can see from the image, there are no buttons or anything. Only the mic, speaker, and emote button are visible in the UI. Players will be able to save a cleaner version of their favorite emote in the lobby.

PUBG Mobile Leaks
Footstep Training Ground in PUBG Mobile

Stepping in PUBG Mobile is one of the most important things during a fight. To improve this, a new training ground dedicated to step improvement is coming to the game. It is a complex of apartments and multi-storey buildings, where robots will randomly spawn inside of the building and players will have to find them in the building by hearing their footsteps. This is a great feature to improve step knowledge.

New Event: Be a Pilot

PUBG Mobile Leaks
Be a pilot event in PUBG Mobile

In the next update, there will be a special event where players can fly big planes. This plane will take off from the runway on the island of Sosnovka. The Sosnovka military base will become a full-fledged airport. A special airdrop packing station will spawn in the military base where players can loot special weapons and utilities. Players will be able to jump from the plane via an armored UAZ with parachutes. This will be a very cool feature in the game.

Game zone detection device

Play-Zone Detection Device in PUBG Mobile

Players will receive a new device named the Game Zone Finder from the loot drops. By using this gadget, they will be able to know in advance the exact position of the next game area on the map. It will be a great device for early spins and crosses and will surely give players a big advantage.

Mode of infection 2.0

PUBG Mobile Leaks
Infection Mode 2.0 in PUBG Mobile

According to the leaks, arguably the best feature of the upcoming update is the Infection Mode 2.0 version of PUBG Mobile. In this mode, there will be three new zombie variants where it becomes more mechanized. A zombie robot will appear as the final boss and each zombie will have special abilities like freezing power and invisibility. There will be a new map for this model where players are sure to have fun in this mode.

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