Lenses: Snap announces new lens, eyewear, and monetization opportunities for creators


Snap announced new features for Lentils, monetization tools for AR creators, and new features for Spectacles during the current Lens Fest.
The company launched new features for lenses, including custom landmarks, which allow Snapchatters to create AR experiences mapped to local landmarks or even their own backyard, and has brought lenses connected to glasses. , enabling multi-user AR experiences. Here’s a list of all the new features the company announced at Lens Fest.
New features for goals
Snap has released the version 4.10 update for Lens Studio, its AR authoring software. The tool allows users to create the lenses and present them through Snapchat, Instant camera, glasses or in other applications via the camera kit.
Custom Landmarkers: Snap launched Landmarkers in 2019 and Local Lenses in 2020, layering augmented reality on dozens of popular destinations around the world. With the latest update, creators will be able to create custom landmarks, turning local landmarks into AR attractions. All it takes is a mobile device with a LiDAR scanner to map the area and create a 3D model to import into Lens Studio.
World Mesh: Creators can now use the depth information and understanding of the geometry of the world to create experiences that look and feel just like in the real world, previously only possible with high-end devices, making possible goals like the Matrix world below.
Other new features announced for creators in Lens Studio 4.10 include:
New Sound Library: Creators can now choose from a wide range of audio libraries and add Snapchat’s licensed music and sound clips to their own purposes.
Real World Physics: AR elements appear and react more realistically to physical forces such as gravity and collision.
API Library for Real-Time Data: Smart and useful goals are easier to create with real-time information from other sources, from the US stock market to weather data. Some APIs include FTX, Alpaca, Accuweather, and iTranslate.
New monetization opportunities
To support the creators of Lens, Snap announced new monetization opportunities.
Lens Call to Action: This is a new feature that allows creators to include a link on a lens, making it easy to direct Snapchatters to a destination like a merchandise store.
Freebies: Allows Lens creators to receive support from Snapchatters via story responses. Lens makers earn a share of revenue from gifts received through responses to stories. The feature is currently being rolled out in the US region only. Snap has confirmed a global rollout soon.
New capabilities for glasses
Learn: See the effects of global warming firsthand with Save the Reef from Visionaries 777. Or deepen your understanding of historic places in New Mexico from Lauren Cason.
Boutique: Users can now try on AR clothing with Exodus by Damara Ingles and eat at a restaurant with a menu that comes to life with AR Menu by Brielle Garcia.
Experience Art: The ability to interact with three-dimensional art to unlock new soundscapes in Heather Dunaway Smith’s The Door. Or, users can visit an art gallery in AR with Leighton McDonald’s BlackSoul Gallery.
PLAY GAMES: Take on a fun, hands-free obstacle course with Lucas Rizzotto’s Monke Racing. Or take care of your own pet called Rocket Cat by Wabisabi.
Connected lenses – These experiences allow multiple people to share the same lens with others in the same space on the glasses.
Location triggers – If you choose to enable location, goals can scale based on a specific GPS radius, so experiences can be personalized based on location.
Endurance Mode – This feature allows the lenses to run for longer by turning off the display between interactions with the lens.


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