Let’s see what HP Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 5500U has to offer


You can perform important tasks, be entertained, and more with the HP 15s-eq2144au Notebook PC. With its brilliant, high-resolution color display, this laptop delivers lifelike, rich colors up to 2 million pixels. Thanks to its AMD processor and AMD graphics card, this laptop allows you to work quickly, wherever you are. With this laptop, you can multitask, browse various apps, create art, play music, and more.

While the initial cost of the laptop is Rs. 56,354 it will cost you Rs. 47,999, if you buy it from Flipkart.

Let’s check the specs.

The HP 15s-eq2144au Notebook PC features a high-resolution, rich color display with up to 2 million pixels and rich, true colors.
With this laptop, you can get things done quickly and easily on the go thanks to its powerful AMD graphics card and AMD processor. So you can be creative and get your task done effortlessly with this laptop.
This laptop is created to meet your specific needs, so you can simply finish your work, multitask, switch between different applications, compose music, be creative and much more.

Thanks to its built-in 4G configuration, this laptop always offers smooth connectivity. Thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, this laptop also allows a seamless wireless connection wherever you are.
Long battery life is ensured by this laptop’s prismatic lithium-ion battery, which has a capacity of three cells. It can also automatically adjust its performance to system requirements and other battery variables, resulting in optimal performance.
The slim design of this laptop makes it easy to carry in your hands or in a backpack without you realizing how heavy it is.

Thanks to Alexa, you can use this laptop to perform household chores by talking. The laptop’s Alexa Show mode further provides a full-screen interactive experience that lets you easily communicate with Alexa remotely. This laptop can also help you stay organized by letting you create to-do lists, reminders, shopping lists, and other lists. Other activities you can do include reading the latest news, listening to your favorite music, and controlling your Smart Home from anywhere in the room.


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