Microsoft: Why Microsoft thinks Apple needs to be ‘stopped’ and it goes beyond the App Store


Apple has been embroiled in a bitter legal battle with Epic Games, the developer behind the popular game Fortnite. epic games won support from multiple quarters, including the United States Attorney General. And now Microsoft joined Epic’s fight against Apple. Late last year, a US court ruled somewhat in favor of Apple, and Epic Games appealed.
According to a report from Apple Insider, Microsoft has filed an amicus brief in support of Epic Games. Microsoft said “online commerce and people-to-people connections are channeling significantly, and sometimes primarily, through iOS devices.” He further stated that Apple’s monopoly means that it “controls the channel through which such an enormous range of economic activity flows”.
Microsoft said the issue goes beyond gaming-related antitrust issues. “Beyond app distribution and integrated payment solutions — the adjacent markets directly at issue in this case,” Microsoft noted in its filing. “Apple offers mobile payments, music, movies and TV, advertising, games, health tracking, web browsing, messaging, video chat, news, storage cloud, e-books, smart home devices, wearable devices, etc. Microsoft explained. .
In addition, Microsoft argued that the original ruling – which was somewhat in Apple’s favor – is upheld, so it would “single Apple out of meritorious antitrust scrutiny and encourage further harmful behavior.” He also said innovation would suffer if the decision was in favor of Apple.
In the brief, Microsoft argued that it brings “a unique — and balanced — perspective to the legal, economic, and technological issues that this case involves.” Microsoft said it sells hardware peripherals and one of the major operating systems for personal computers. “Microsoft also provides an online store for applications that run on its operating system. In other parts of its business, Microsoft sells applications and services that run on operating systems and devices built by other companies, like Apple. It offers products that compete with Apple. And, like Epic Games, Inc. (“Epic”), it offers games,” Microsoft explained. “While Apple is allowed to intervene between any company offering online services and the users of iPhonefew areas of the vast mobile economy will be safe from interference and eventual dominance by Apple,” Microsoft added in the brief.


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