Most of you keep an eye on charging standards when shopping for gadgets


Charging your smartphone is an essential daily process, so understanding the protocols involved is very important. Modern smartphones support a variety of protocols, from widely accepted USB-PD to specific OEM proprietary solutions. But do you think about the charging standards a device supports before you buy them? That’s a question we asked in a recent poll. Read on for the results.

Do you take charging standards into account when buying gadgets?


This poll fell to just under 1,300 votes after it went live on November 10. The results suggest that most readers consider charging standards before purchasing a device. While 30.6% think pricing standards are ‘nice to have’ but not essential, 50.5% of readers see them as a ‘must have’. This means that more than four in five readers consider charging for standards to some extent before purchasing new technology.

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However, some readers do not consider pricing standards at all. Just under 19% of respondents fall into this category, suggesting that other factors, specifications or features are more important.

Your comments

  • Drone9: I’m more interested in whether it comes with a charger or if the OEM is trying to rip me off.
  • AS: I shouldn’t have to. Tech giants should all share their work to create better products for everyone.
  • mejustsayin: As long as there is wireless charging, I really don’t care about standards.
  • Gold Mine Bros: Personally 18 watts is enough for me, nothing more is a bonus. As for wireless, 10 watts minimum.
  • Nick V: Personally, I don’t want a phone that charges too fast because of battery degradation and heat damaging internal components. I am not for slow charging, but for “sensitive” charging.
  • Shizuma: Really, I think we need a law that says if a company decides not to put a charger in the box, they are required to use the standard USB-PD charging standard and not their own standards. stupid owners as were all the different load standards. It wasn’t as bad before you knew the boxed charger would work fine, but now you don’t have it.

That’s it for this poll. Thank you for your votes and comments. If you have any ideas on billing results or standards, be sure to leave a comment below.


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